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Yes, we already have a thread for Paycoin. This is not that thread. This discussion is to examine the technical aspects and features of the coin, and the idea of it being forked as a community-run project. This discussion is not for further examination of GAW or it’s wayward CEO. Please keep those discussions firmly locked in the other thread.

Would it be possible to fork Paycoin, to maintain it as a community-run project, and implement the features that so many of us fell in love with? What are the specific challenges in doing so? Is there enough support to make it happen?

Friends, let us discuss.


Biggest challenges I see are:

  • Keeping the “Paycoin” name. It’s GAW’s IP and I don’t believe they
    are going to give it up easily.
  • Getting places that matter (exchanges) to honor the paycoind and
    wallet fork
  • Keeping the community together. This effort won’t be viewed well in
    blue pill land.

All of these can be overcome if/when things deteriorate enough that the community Paycoin becomes becomes the only viable option.


Blank canvas or refocus on an established coin. Its just the add on things that made people want it.


I don’t believe it’s possible. First with the IP ownership: you know GAW isn’t going to play nice. Then there’s the Peer clone issue, which is to say no foundation.

I would happily contribute to a new, fresh coin, all we have to do is name it :wink:


Which coin would you start with, assuming you wanted all your favorite features from the oft-maligned white paper?


I like Bitcoin… But people seem to like BlackCoin

So lets go with what is used or what is liked


To me its a question of when will it be forked… and what will change/stay/improve. In my “blue pill” mind it’s always been the communities coin… It just hasn’t been given away yet.

sburn made a really good point… for it to be a community project… the community would have to come together to do so. And I for one think it would be incredibly exciting to see that happen.


Prime controllers were my favorite feature, I think, not because they staked at a higher (read: insane) rate, but because they enabled transactions to occur instantly. A one minute block time is quick, but still prone to blockchain lag, and one minute is still agonizingly slow for, say, the line at a coffee shop.

Prime Controllers seemed to be taken from Darkcoin’s Master Nodes. Would Darkcoin make a decent base coin?


I think another item to address are the people that own Primes. I would guess that the have to be convinced that a community Paycoin would be of some benefit to them. What’s the benefit? Stay with GAW and get zero. Get on-board with community Paycoin, and probably take a haircut, and end up with more than zero.


How do you successfully fork it without having the approval of 90%+ of the “network” (12m+ coins owned by GAW)?

If you can do that, e.g. convince Cryptsy and other major exchanges to accept your fork, then wouldn’t that make all ZenCloud deposits void including HashStaker contents?

If you can overcome the above then what’s the actual value of the coin? Does the community have what it takes to make it work long term and wouldn’t that effort be better applied to an existing coin without such negative baggage (or a new coin)?


The prime question is big one imo… but the only way i see this happening is growing the communities actual responsibilities.


Do you own the private key to the Prime Controller wallet and/or the high-staking private key?


Agreed. I think we’ve seen what the community is capable of, in spite of GAW’s failings. But before the community could ever be made somewhat whole again, there’s “baggage” issues that need to be resolved.


But at the moment, prime controllers do nothing. They stake at a % coded in.
Are they doing near instant confirms. Nope
Are they backing up the blockchain… Probably not
Are they hybrid flexing releasing coins on demand. Definitely not

The features of the coin in itself mean not much. Well clearly those features mean nothing as they haven’t been switched on.

What people want, needs to be asked. Is it another coin… Probably not.
They want an easy way to use crypto in the real world. Debit cards aren’t tied to coins so it doesn’t matter what coin.

Brick and Mortar have so far spoken. Bitcoin Litecoin and DogeCoin.

Another coin… No I don’t think that is really needed.

People want near instant confirmations, ok concentrate on off block transactions with merchant integration. Get all the countries big online wallet providers to interact for fast transfers.

“Market Makers” and the like now really just taste more like grab more than the others. that type of balance imo just won’t cut it anymore.

These are of course just a person opinion. I can’t work twitter properly, but I know what I want to use, how I want to use it. and I ain’t buying into another sh?t coin


This topic has been well covered in the XPY thread. I really don’t see the need to flog the horse again.

There is no community responsibility to this coin. Some one else had responsibilities for it. Not us.

My first aid has expired.


I agree with you that currently the community has no responsibility… Im trying to change that. But i get the frustration and expiration date of your care.


If the community here wants to create a new coin I’ll support that, but let Paycoin die an honorable death or at least as honorable as it can die with who is currently controlling it. Team Paycoin is trying but honestly with all the mishaps that Josh has caused, starting over would be the best option.


Changed title, moved to a new sub category.

Thanks guys!


Nope Leo, @huey is suggesting that the XPY community takes over the coin, not GH.

My own take is that the coin has nothing that would make it worth building a project around. The code is bugged, the checkpoints are outdated (which could be an advantage for the fork) and apart from that it has no value. It was meant to be Paybase’s exclusive coin with a pledged floor to counter crypto’s volatility for better merchant adoption which it isn’t and unless there is millions of backing such floor and support can’t be created from a community project. It would be “just another alt”.

However this is just my take which I’ve raised a couple of times in the other threads. I pretty much agree with @suchmoon on this.


I agree as well.

Team XPY may be better off participating in another coin or creating a new coin. The team has shown great drive for a limited capable coin such as XPY, i could only imagine what they may be capable of with a coin with more block chain powers.

If Team XPY decides they want to take on the drive and heart ache of attempting to take over XPY themselves, more power to them, it will be a difficult task. I support people making their own decisions on how to move forward, after all Crypto is the People’s Money, not just a single coin.