Testicles - Community Health Announcement and the China


Dont forget to check your balls for lumps.


Just had a vasectomy

and make sure you get the prostate checked as well lol


Maybe we need a community health section


A beer a day keeps the doctor away - – especially if you throw it hard enough :slight_smile:


My name is Chucky the Chicken Choken Champion of Chippawa County, 1983. I won that event with an over the shoulder boulder holder and I won again in 1984 when I choked my chicken from the ceiling to the floor.


So you admit to choking the chicken


Any one who doesn’t is a liar!!..plus as explained I was the “Champ” of Chippawa County… :wink:

P.S. guess what I am doing RIGHT NOW???


Looking at a sideways burger


How did you know??


By the way…have you met my girl friend?? Her name is Palmala Handerson


@bubbamark is a mod wtf


Shhhhhhh!!! don’t let that get out in public…I think a few of the “old hands” have a little power to make some changes and what not. You do to…for instance you could change the title of one of my threads if you felt it necessary.


Call me luke


I just thought that as this was a community announcement about an issue that you seem to feel so strongly about that the title should reflect so.


Giggling mod mark… It seems they figured out how to make you reasonable. Who knew make mark a mod and he is instantly neutral


Well I aim to please, now that I feel free as a bird and the forums are fun again!


You get around


I am here, there and everywhere, and on the phone as you know.


We forgot there are also females here so here it is

SORRY HAD TO DO IT one of my old friends from the bring back Bubba campaign after the failed @tankjnr for mod campaign


No fork

Stopp gigglin