That Twitter heat


Saw @redacted taking some heat from a certain someone :smile:
Redacted held strong to the facts.
What ever happened to the Big J Man’s routine of ignoring the hate he gets?
Seems he’s fraying so much he feels the need to lash out at people who want their money back.


Suchmoon reminded me:

If it’s any consolation - that’s not HJG. “Object Permanence” is not in his 9th grade vocabulary. Comedy gold


Have you ever used some clever turn of phrase and then watched someone with half your brains go around and repeat it as if they came up with it all by themselves? I suspect that’s probably what’s happened here. He’s like a toddler just getting a feel for language.

edit just realised he’s blocked me on there. Haha. That won’t stop anything. I don’t think he understands how to twitter :slight_smile:


LOL! I did this to an old boss I had, completely unqualified for his job. I work in the packaging industry, so I told him about the “paper stretch value” and how it should never be above 0.73. He rolled with it for almost 2 years. I had to do something to cope with a horrible boss…ha ha ha! The corporate world is a baffling place to me…


Likely because some of us just ignore him are are actively pursuing ways of getting our money back though other means :smile:


LOL Yes, I saw that reference and I was left scratching my head over it. Where is this :hankey: coming from? Why does it always seem like you are the number one person on the GAW hit list? It seems to me that, if you are trying to repair a damaged public image, you do not make personal attacks on your end-users for all to see. It is without couth and shows a major lack of maturity or management experience. Something tells me these jabs are made after large amounts of alcohol are consumed, or possibly when someone should be taking their meds. :wink:


Funny you should bring that up, the following were often misused in Q&A videos or the WP:

Value proposition
Barriers to entry

I was posting in HT using the former from a marketing perspective. All of a sudden, the phrase appears in the first GAW Q&A video.

The latter was used in the WP and was written as “barriers of entry,” which is an incorrect usage of the phrase.

They will take anything, from anyone, that has some propaganda value against the general public, or the use of which makes them appear more professional than they really are.

No disrespect to the youth of this forum, but people who are still in their twenties are highly unlikely to possess a well-developed, business-based vernacular, without a marked level of formal business education. Most people with a sound education in business also possess a great deal of experience writing in the field. From the looks of the posts of anyone coming from GAW, this does not exist at such a level. Of course, such terms, and their application, do come often from use in the course of business, when the environment is active with creative and critical thinking (including a great degree of scholarship or, marketing research). You build these skills over a great period of time, and none of those guys have been on planet Earth long enough to have developed such skills. JG has nothing more than a high school education. I am not sure that Jonah’s formal education exceeds that of a “B” level in CIS. :wink:


Are we moving from space drones to Quantum theory now? Do we now need to start debating object permanence, linear time, the observer effect, and non-locality?

Or is this just a reference back to childhood games of Peek-a-boo where we first started to learn, incorrectly it would seem, that objects don’t disappear just because you aren’t looking at them?


Well, it could be the falling tree in the forest paradox… does it make a sound if no-one is there to hear it? “Mind-blowing” concept. :wink:

P.S. Read your emails! :stuck_out_tongue:


Personally this is my view right here ^^^
I believe he picked up an old high school Psychology textbook, saw the phrase and ran with it.


“High school?” They have psychology in high school now? I am impressed, but I doubt he took the class. LOL


I don’t want to relive that subject. I hated it in high school and I despised it in college.


I was proof you could get straight "D"s in all liberal arts classes and still graduate college with an accounting degree…

Who needs crap like “cultural anthropology” in the real world anyway :slight_smile:


These days it’s “Feminine Studies” and “Dissertations on cultural and gender diversity”…


Ugh, yes. It is all so annoying as well. Cultural diversity is not a bad thing really.


I wonder if my parting tweet to GAWCEO when he was badgering me on Twitter - the one mentioning Rishab - had anything to do with things finally breaking wide open? Probably not, but It’s amusing to think it might have been.

Seems like there’s a hole in the boat, and the Fanboys can’t bail fast enough to keep things afloat after that last article…


How are they going to bail when their funds are still locked up in stakers and in their account balances? LMAO


and the price is dropping while they can’t do ■■■■ about it.