The 21 Bitcoin Computer is a Small Linux-powered Machine


The 21 Bitcoin Computer is a Small Linux-powered Machine for Bitcoin Mining. Read the article:

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Not really worth $399 Oh and it’s a pre-order for November 2015. The specifications are really strange

50GH to 125GH hashing power. There is no miner that has this great of a variance.

One other thing the S7 has 162 chips running a total of 4.86TH that is about 30GH/chip so this chip they add to the RPi should be 160% to 400% more efficient?


Where did you see the specifications? I went hunting earlier and couldn’t find any actual numbers for it!

Playing devil’s advocate I think the idea around it is more bitcoin-enabled IoT than mining.


Oh and read the rest too. It’s hilarious.


Typically the FAQ page was about the only one on the site I didn’t visit… RTFM :wink:


It sounds like they are going to make you mine into their pool and will pay some dust back to you. All that on top of the ~$4000 per TH/s price and some gibberish about a built-in payment gateway with a Swiss-cheese-style approach to security.

I think they blew through their venture capital playing foosball and at the last minute glued a black box onto the Pi to placate investors :smile:

But what do I know, it’s #1 bestseller in Computer Servers:


Well I bought these two today for half the price and 4 times the performance. Could probably run a CPU miner that could earn more than the ASIC and also be a payment gateway and bitcoin node to boot.


"The 21 Bitcoin Computer allows anyone to sell anything over the internet for bitcoin just by plugging a device into the wall and typing a few commands. We think that is fairly unique"


Wondering how they would accomplish this? Openbazar?


Here is the statement that seems really odd, or maybe I am just reading it wrong???

Eventually we will be struck by it’s absence WTF Is he saying???
Doesn’t sound complimentary to me.

@Daffy yes maybe Openbazar or maybe they just mean it connects to the internet! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


“The 21 chip adds a whole new dimension to bitcoin’s potential utility.”

Nope not even close.

“At first we will be struck by the presence of a technology like embedded mining”

Nope same here not even close at these prices and the returns that a 50GH chip will give. And that is even without counting the power costs.

“eventually we may be struck by its absence”

Say what? And this from a former Treasury Secretary. What did he do? Type memo’s?


Probably 21’s PR drones came up with that statement and poor Larry was used to put his name next to it.

I think the idea was to say that this contraption will become so important that you’ll get a stroke if someone takes it away :smile:


Yeah a stroke of luck when you see the power bill go down.


What are you going to use them for? Look interesting for sure, a little pricey though? Or am I missing something?


omg custom Linux?

How long before they are obsolete when the company disappears or loses interest in the device?


It’s xubuntu so a repo already exist for that. I’m going to use it as an iscsi source to build an RPi cluster. and really they are cheap for the processing power.

NSLU2 from linksys are obsolete but still there is a complete community and repo build around it. Open source like this rarely dies out.


true, but I meant the 21BTC machine. Not sure that’s gonna raise much developer interest.


Oh that I did not even looked at the software But I suspect it will be cracked and replicated like everything else closed source. But really with the tools that exist right now you could build one yourself except for the ASIC and even that should not be a problem when they come available from other sources.


question is, is it worth the time and effort?


For the mining no for the payment gateway and node maybe. But running a NODE on an RPi is asking for trouble the SD card are very unstable and writing that much data on it and using that much memory is not really suited for an RPi. unless you limit the functionality a lot like reducing the mempool to 10Mbyte which will not help the network but hurt the network.

The last spam attack had about 200k transactions in the mempool I had 2 nodes running on full machines and they helped out with all those transactions doing the same with an RPi would have limited the network processing a lot.