The death of Fridge


I start every new thread I make with “Hey guys,” but this time just doesn’t seem fit haha.

I’m at the end of my journey in the land GAW/Josh/Paycoin. I believe that I will be discontinuing any sort of supportive activity on HashTalk. As some of you know I used to spend unrealistic amounts of time working with the community to make it better, and advance our knowledge of the investment we were making. If you can really even call it an “Investment” at this point.

I am unsure of what I should do, I am really, really tempted to eloquently and tactfully speak my mind in one last post on HashTalk, similar to the grievances brought against Mr.Garza by @rootdude, or even the Declaration of Independence :wink:

Despite all of the work I did in the community, even being repeatedly asked to represent the community in the Google hangouts with the Big Man and Team, I was somehow never awarded a badge of any sort.
Not a complaint really, just a sad fact,
I’m thinking that it would be fitting that I join my crypto brothers and sisters in the Brotherhood of Banned-dom.
@tankjnr @Redacted @rootdude @Allen1980s @Gava and the rest of the Red Badge crew.


love you fridge man


Welcome! We have a fridge in the back loaded wi… WAIT A SECOND!


Same <3
It’s sad things ended up like this, we all lost a lot, but I can honestly say the money I lost pales in comparison to the people I’ve met, worked with, and gotten to know, plus I’m probably the only 18 year old expert on Cryptocurrencies in the southern U.S. :wink:


:clap: … the Matrix “had” you :wink:


Welcome aboard! We’ve got some really great and fun things going here. Glad you could join us :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard. Kick back, relax and enjoy your freedom !!! :relaxed:



Do what you got to do to keep your mind right.


It’s probably not worth a goodbye post - better to just get the heck out of there.


Yeah, just let it go. The post will be removed or they’ll just bash you for it. Just stay over here and be happy.


Welcome! I’m pretty sure you want to distance yourself from GAW right about now.


Welcome permanently aboard !! :wink:


There are a many banned here. You’ll fit right in.


Hey fridge

really enjoyed the effort you but into the hangouts and tinychats

if post a goodbye thread with grievances helps you with closure go for it (not like they will leave it open long anyway)

or if you just want leave a sign off…

Make a thread titled “The Lights”

and post this Gif



My feeling is that you just walk away with honor and integrity intact. Sometimes in life you try and fail to make a positive difference and then realise, as you have done, that it’s simply time to let go. Onwards and upwards!


I agree with this. Realize that you did have an impact, you always do in a community. You brought something valuable to the table. While I understand the desire to go out in a blaze of glory, I’ve always personally felt that a simple vanishing act makes a more powerful statement. Let them remember your value to the community, and miss you all the more for the sudden absence of it, rather than simply remember you by your parting words.


Maybe you owe it to all the “blind” still inhabiting the forum of the damned. Having said that the chance that your post wouldn’t be deleted immediately is virtually 0.


Welcome aboard @Fridge we are all here. You know the trouble makers and the ones who destroyed PayCoin. The one’s who “GAME” the market against PayCoin.
Yup that’s us! lol :slight_smile:


Although any hint of negativity in a post on Hashtalk is certain to get it removed almost immediately to stop anyone reading it. Now if only there was a way to notify people of it… Hmm… You could always ask BitcoinBar if you could borrow his list … :wink:
Oh - and congratulations on making the decision… The only way to make the decision to walk away from something like that better would be to have made the decision earlier.


Hahaha remember back on Day 0 of Paycoin when they were going for like 10$/XPY? :joy: haha yeah I sure understand the “Holder’s Regret” on that, wish I had cashed out then.
Oh well, lesson learned.