The Great Off-Topic Brabbel Collection Thread Featuring Tankjnr


I’m American and I found this funny as hell. I saw this this morning on another site and shared it. LOL. We spend more money on our military than we do our schools so our younger generations grasp of the language has taken a quick dive into the crapper




Thanks loff, I´m sweet enuff.


D’ya know what, it’s a long while since I’ve sat and enjoyed that movie, I think I might have to dig it out.

Did you ever see Snatch? Not sure whether Guy Richies movies made i over the pond…

That said, I thought that was all he had in him, until he went and created the Sherlock Holmes movies. My respect for his efforts went up hundreds of times off the back of that


The government WANTS them to be stupid…so they will become dependent ON the government so the government can do what it wants WITHOUT an educated thinking public with their rights and self interests intact. Why do you think the schools are drone factories and Universities are churning out meaningless degrees for dead end jobs or jobs that longer exist?

EDIT: Yes alphabet soup agents reading this, I was born game and intend to go out that way. So whatever list you have me on I really don’t care.


I agree


They are also dropping the teaching of cursive writing which I believe is so the younger generation won’t be able to read historical documents


The reason why our younger generation dosent gasp the English language is because they are unfortunately texting before they are writing papers in school. Why in the world parents think thier 5 year olds NEED a cell phone is beyond me. Seriously.




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To text from thier room “mom bring food”. Yelling is so 2009.



Okay okay okay…too many beers and the words slipped through my spell check. lol

Just dont start calling me Josh!!





They really chose the best actress for this. :slight_smile:
I wonder how many times they had to do some of those complicated lines of dialogue…


No lie, the wife just got a bottle of PooPourri for her birthday this weekend!
I would take a picture but I think she took it to work :joy: