The Great Off-Topic Brabbel Collection Thread Featuring Tankjnr


Gimme all your GHX or the Unicorn gets it


Joker is a hero, he’s probably just wiping some grime from the hardworking unicorns eye…


When you realize that the Jokers methods made more sense…:slight_smile:



Chart obviously created by ze germans. Theirs should be

Problem -> bureaucracy -> what was the problem again?


Personally when you want to send a clear message about problem solving, a drone is a sign of weakness…A B-52 however will get the point across nicely.




The Jamaican contingent asks…


This is the way it should be played JENGA!!!





Wife’s halloween costume sorted.


Tricks for Halloween sorted


True story or not, you win halloween


That is just so not nice @DumbRedneck. Good thing I am not trick or treating in your neck of the woods. :fearful:


The price just keeps soaring, its so beautiful…




Catchy hook and entertaining video effects.


The effects on that were hilarious :joy:
The song is all of about 10 words looped together but the effects make it!


I was at a place called Port57 in my home town yesterday to have a chat about some bitcoin related stuff and the funky sods have got a Christmas tree which changes colour depending on what you tweet it!

They’re planning on setting up a live stream video for it as well, though whether that’ll ever be done or not i don’t know :slight_smile: