The Great Off-Topic Brabbel Collection Thread Featuring Tankjnr


@tankjnr I hear you’ve been outed as Satoshi. Man, you should have told me :laughing:


Bubbles for everyone



It’s alive!!! :bow:


ZOMGHERD, new Home Alone!

Just in time for xmas :laughing:


For a brief moment I transcended time and space…I imagined never working again. :astonished:


Comes out to around $85.5 Trillion at current rates (unless I missed a decimal point)
Don’t spend all that in one place now :joy:



Bitcoin jokes.


I just ate waaaaay to many chocolate orange cake portions and I feel a bit sick now…

You’d have thought, by my age, I might have learned…



Here have one of these. It will make you feel better.


normally I’d drool…

I just did a little mouthvomit :’(

Think I’ll lie down for a while and hope I fell better in an hour or two…


So…I was searching for get hashing and…


gizoogle ?


oh the joys of browser/inspector rewriting. Lame :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s gizoogle, my little one showed me my website through it earlier & I lolled :slight_smile:


You lead a very adventurous life Mr Bowie and made all of us feel through your music. Love ya David. Hope you find a nice fluffy cloud to rest on.


Mate of mine just called up, he’s decided that he wants to invest a small amount of money in Bitcoin, for the first time ever and he’s coming around next week to learn how it works…which is kind of funny, because he’s ultra techy and could probably figure it out in under five minutes, and understand the mechanics of it better than I could ever hope to lol

This makes me rather happy :slight_smile:


This is living the Bitcoin dream! I have folks getting more curious and bringing it up in conversation more and more. I offer what limited knowledge I have with a warning as such, but never pressure them. When they’re ready, they’ll come around. It’s slowly getting there.


I have a whole group here in Indiana who are newbies and I am trying to give them all I know. @Bob is helping as well. We will bring this full front in time. As my brother @listmi says … Patience is a virtue. Watch and wait :wink: