The Great Off-Topic Brabbel Collection Thread Featuring Tankjnr


Sorry, I say always the truth. :pensive:

We are a minority very very small, we are minority inside this forum :smile:
I see future for Bitcoin but I don’t see Bitcoin for the majority. Why? Because we need many options like this. I don’t understand because they begin with iOS App. Sorry, I understand, they know that their product is not for the majority.

You don’t worry. Patience is a virtue, thanks brother @lothendriel :wink: @BoB has the key. He has BTC ATM. I know another option flytohive. You need ATM because Debit/Credit Card, transfer, … are all from banks.

The banking system does not give interest on the money. We have an oportunity ;-). We can give (we have talked). We need time and we have (Banks are our friends, they don’t want customers, they want slaves). :smiling_imp:

Good night :wink:


I never understand anyone who builds for iOS first…it’s like saying “I only want a tiny percentage of just 20% of the smartphone market”

But on another topic…y’all know I’m trying to get more bitcoin into my local area…artists have always been a target because digital content sales, and I was wondering (without checking) for ages, if there’s something like this:

Only better.

I mean, much respect to the owner, it’s a fantastic concept and unlike others I found via google, it still exists, but I can’t help but feel it’s lacking style, it looks…well, I don’t like the color scheme, Okay…I’m sorry, but…no.


Remember they’re the 20% of the market that are the easiest to vastly overcharge too…


Hadn’t actually thought of that, thank you :laughing:


Not sure I could have survived the genuine “made by rednecks” stuff…this watered down version was bad enough


Your issue was drinking liqueur instead of proper liquor.
Cherry flavored vodka whiskey…you just need to take out the cherries and you should be set :joy:

I guess technically booze made from corn would count as whiskey.
The un-aged stuff is horrible and tastes more like something you use to remove paint.



Old people get this picture ^^^^^^^^^^^^^


Urgh. Ffs.

I’ve been setting up a meeting for over a week with a local social enterprise who I was introduced to and who indicated an interest in becoming involved with bitcoin.

I’ve just had an email back:

I think we should put this meeting on hold. I’ve heard some very negative press on Bit coin/pound swaps and to be honest I don’t feel comfortable with the idea.

I’m sure your intentions are good, however, I need to protect our brand and so we won’t need this meeting at this stage.

Kind regards,[/quote]

Seriousy. 2016 and we’re STILL dealing with this ignorance and effects of negative press. That bloke has just utterly annoyed me.


Don’t worry @BoB.

  • Patience is a virtue.
  • The local social enterprise will send another email to you. When? The answer is, when the dear banks doesn’t give him anything. :wink:

Now, I must answer 2 emails. :smile:


Where is Tankjr???


Better question is where’s Waldo ???


Found him :slight_smile:


Bloody hell…

A tweet I was tagged in just got liked by


I feel dirty…


OK, great!

Now find Garza & Paul “Big Vern” Vernon! (Gox 2.0 & 3.0)


Just wondering, who is managing the get Hashing twitter feed these days? Have y’all let a hard working unicorn starve to death, neglected and unloved?


Unfortunately we are sad to report the death of sparky the unicorn :frowning:
Sparky was a fine worker with a pension for the art of social media relations.

With Sparky’s passing, we plan to replace them with an equally qualified unicorn soon :tm:

Good help at these wages is hard to find these days…


Make a post asking for volunteers from the community? I am sure some people would love to help as it seems the core team is getting weary


Not as much weary, more that we are still catching up on dividing @cyberdexter’s responsibilities . Expect to see more in social media space going forward as that was one of the areas stuck in purgatory for awhile with no owner :+1:


Great! This is something I brought up a couple times in slack chat.
If you want to sell more GHX, then it makes sense to push sales through social media :smiley: