The Great Off-Topic Brabbel Collection Thread Featuring Tankjnr


Well if it were me, which it isn’t, I’d keep more mining power than I have in issued assets as a cushion. But that’s my weird way of looking at things


That was the plan with Batch 3, Batch 3 was a key factor in my plans to upgrade smoothly

Since it was poorly posted on the site, by adding a live date, and being posted late. This sort of caused it to fail before it began.

Now i’m playing clean up and doing what i can to get this done.

The input from previous team members was to reference our ToS and just shut down.


Le Petit Chef



wtf did I just watch?


If you ever tasted a Ring Pop™ you would know… oh yes you would know


You won’t recognize Johnny Depp in this crazy transformation. (50min movie).


Ok. I have to admit I didn’t watch it all but it was very funny. :+1:t3:


He’s the guy on the left wearing that red and white striped thingie sitting next to @tankjnr. They look like thier having fun.


@bubbamark and I are eating kebabs. Can you see it?


Hahaha. Yes I see you have a few extra to share too!


When cloudflare goes offline…made me lol


So, the head of my local city council just liked a facebook post I made where I said politicians should be mocked and ridiculed on a regular basis…

Not sure what to make of that…


Trying to get on your good side. Don’t fall for that.


he found a stash of pot or it’s free tequila night at the local watering hole ?


He it trying to buy a vote…or is a glutton for punishment…or he is looking for a dom (most likely) :smile:


He got it. He’s been reading the news!



TL; Didn’t Rematerialize :no_mouth:


I could NOT be a transporter operator…some people would rematerialize inside solid rock or inside a star.