The Great Off-Topic Brabbel Collection Thread Featuring Tankjnr



Your welcome


Been trawling through a couple of other forums and noticed something a bit odd…

for some reason, on both bitcoin talk & the word bitcoin is, in every instance, printed upside down.

I’m confused.


it Theymos april fools joke :wink:
the word “bitcoin” appearS upside down and backwords if you type IT ;p
and also try typing “ethereum” i wont tell you what happens ;D


Damn it, I’m out & about now, I’ll have to try it later, unless anyone has a screeny :slight_smile:


kinda cheap but here’s an example from the thread haha
funny day there right now confused people ;p


hee hee here’s the btc main page. what a clusterfuck ;o


OMG I saw both & completely forgot it was April Fools Day

Well Done, @Theymos!

Try “Ethereum,” LOL…



Thanks, @CanadaBTC


uᴉoɔʇᴉq = Bitcoin
moondollars = Bitcoins
Rapple = Ripple
Catecoin = Dogecoin
Lightcoin = Litecoin
Athereum = Ethereum
Dish = Dash
SafeMaid = Maidsafe

There may be more. Lots of confused threads:


holy crap i never noticed like most of those. of course you would haha!
o theymos, some people don’t like you but i usually do hahaha



are you usually quite librral with your use of the word troll as a slur?


One just did :joy:
We get it that the only reason you are here is to drive traffic to your forum…


I have finally found the use for the flag button. Thank you @bitmaster1.



100MG of THC
I tried 40MG last week and this recently came out.*

MMMMmmmm Lemonade.


damn, you lucky ■■■■■■■!



The first trip was fun :smiley:

To the moon!


Okay, waking up from one bottle was nice.
I shouldn’t of drank two on a Sunday. I had an interesting, odd, hangover. Kinda like the constant stages of about to nod off. I took a couple upper-pills (Alpha Brain-Onnit Lab) but was surprised that I still was experiencing after effects.

While taking edibles, drinkables, and drugs is an adult decision to have fun or experience.
Do not operate heavy vehicles and clear your schedule of responsibility. Especially for the items I posted above.
Drinking these delicious concoctions, while making me euphoric, induced hypnotic and couch-sitting inducing waves upon me.

Use responsibly.