The Great Off-Topic Brabbel Collection Thread Featuring Tankjnr


I ate half a gummy bear a few months ago and was out of commission for hours. I was planning to bake a cake but thought better of it for fear I might burn the kitchen down. It was a weird experience. I like my beer buzz better!


time for some research and development this weekend…
Usually just stick with the cannabis oils and vodka

Coney Island: Orange Cream Ale $11 = good. Tastes initially like an orange rootbeer, then then the alch leaves just the rootbeer taste. Still good.
Mixx Tail: Long something that belongs in the garbage. It was a poor impulse buy because I love Long Island Tea. I wanted to taste what fiction they brewed. I opened the can and sniffed it, my body shuddered. I still marched through and to discover indeed this is what tea garbage is. Into the drain it goes.

Moving on. Cannabis, hard rootbeer, and vodka+juice for the night.


^^^ What crypto does to a man.



Cool short movie.





NSFW :smiley:■■■■-with-pornhubs-new-sex-themed-fitness-program/





Why when they Doxx suchmoon is it someone cool they present as him/her?

dude with a sweet beard, tats and a rocket ship mug

Hot advertising lady

a donkey

I would think it would make the doxxers feel so sad sitting in their dingy mothers basement and finding out suchmoon is so awesome.

In the spirit of doxxing Suchmoon… BEHOLD Suchmoon the early years


“Yep, we’re all idiots in the unauthorized repair industry.”


I think the intent is to make me miserable and depressed looking at all those awesome dox while sitting in my mother’s dingy basement :laughing:


mate, if you ever come to Luxembourg, claim your free ride on my cars, endless beers and limitless hospitality, I read through some of that doxxing post today, and the laughs I had mean you deserve all of it, maybe I will even introduce you to my cousin, and I hear she´s quite… a treat. :wink:

btw, @Aethercollector, same to you, of course!


You had me at “beers” bro… :smile:


Hydralic press vs helmet


The Ring/Ringu (Japanese horror film) play baseball… yeah it belongs here.


This being the off topic thread I’m gonna drop this here…

Been a bit quiet the last couple of weeks, because just split up with the other half, so it’s been utterly pants at my end and it’s probably going to get a bit worse before it gets any better. Still focusing on the work stuff, but it’s been bloody difficult to pay any attention to the forums.

This is a blatant call for sympathy, btw. Bring it on, there’s a brother in need :disappointed_relieved:


more fish in the sea…

I know.