The Great Off-Topic Brabbel Collection Thread Featuring Tankjnr


If nature had comments to it.


Elon Musk - OpenAi


Boston Dynamics finally built the robot dog.

It can actually fetch you a beer!


Sales are coming…


Is that today? Lots of gamers in my family, I guess I should stock up on Steam gift cards on my way home.


Steam takes Bitcoin now as well :slight_smile:
Not that I would suggest giving up the precious bits for games.


sooo they have any I O U Nummy coin games on steam ? perhaps then I can feel better letting my fears go when I give up my bits.


I never asked for anything more!!


They have plenty of free to play or Freemium games to try to gamify and exploit.
Steam has its own token on the market represented by Gem or sacks of Gem(s).
You can play that market or make/mine games for cards to sell/scrap into gems. That’s an entirely different aspect on how to play with the Steam platform though :wink:


That’s right, only filthy fiat for steam. And bitcoin - awesome as it may be - still isn’t quite mainstream with the teenage population that I’m trying to bribe.


I think the kids will go for Ethereum as it sounds moar like a drug and its currently faster than Bitcoin :slight_smile:


Ethereum is DOA as far as dyslexic yoof is concerned.


Abandon all productivity.


Feeling down? Here’s a pic of grass cells. :smiley:


this made my day…


In other words, completely irresistible to the Ion crowd.


I think a lot of people will enjoy this one :smiley:


Get silly and funky



Just came back and seen the amount of threads of got to catch up on. Damn.