The Paycoin Thread Problem


There is one very long thread about Paycoin with all sorts of sub-topics mixed in. Given that we have already become the unofficial forum for those who aren’t willing or able to post at HT, it seems like we should consider putting in a new top-level category for GAW / Paybase / BTC and break out some subs, starting with those three company / LLC divisions. Then underneath GAW are things like Company info, Hashlets, HashStakers, XPY trading and XPY mining. Paybase has an exchange so far and will probably have more subtopics soon. remains a relatively unknown today. We should put a relatively generic “warning toxic investment” post pinned to the top of most major categories.

Today people have three options when doing research on the GAW world: a very unpleasant and disorganized thread at bitcointalk, the koolaid factory at Hashtalk and here. Personally I wish it would all go away, but I can’t ignore that it isn’t going away and will be with us for some time to come. Given that, I feel a certain responsibility to present the facts and situation properly, call it a sense of duty to provide a resource in a form that a reasonable person would feel comfortable using.

Also: more ad views :wink: but that’s not why I’m making this suggestion.

XPY - Paycoin Discussion - GAW DAYS

Honestly… Not another thread…

@keymaster delete my post if needed.


It wouldn’t be one thread @tankjnr it would be at least a dozen. That way people could more easily find info on the sub-topic they’re looking into.

And I’m willing to help move the existing posts to the new home(s) if the board has granular mod power settings that would limit me to only moving posts.


It would be a lot of work. Presently, when mods move posts from one section to another, it breaks continuity in conversations in the original threads. When you start trying to dissect a living thread, such as the XPY thread, you begin to degrade conversations (burgers excluded). Many of the posts address multiple subjects in the same post. How do you divide posts up to maintain continuity? It is virtually impossible. As others have already pointed out, multiple times, GAW, Paybase, Paycoin (XPY), Hashlets, Stakers et al., are all related. The whole story is intertwined with all of these elements.

I suggest that the “issue” be addressed in a different manner, to facilitate better forum management, as such: Maybe we should have each post with a header of keywords?

Another approach would be to create a module that auto-fills keywords at the bottom of each post, so that the system can then re-categorize posts using a filter? Or, using the same approach, advance the “in-thread” search function to search via keyword list (drop down list) in the search function, for each thread in the forum? That creates quick search results for those conducting any research in any specific thread…


I’ve offered to help. As for losing some continuity, I get your issue and it would be delicate surgery with a “other” category for the mixed topic posts. I’m not certain, but I believe the other options you mention would be even more work & require messing with the code base which is not trivial.


Make it a community project. There are probably at least 50 devs of various flavors here. I am not a dev, but I know many of these people around here have far ore advanced skills than what it would take to create a plug-in to the existing code for the forum.

Edit: Someone should act as the PM of such a project. They need to identify all of the sub-functions necessary to make it function properly.


Devs & PMs & code oh my :wink:

Another option is to move the entire existing thread to the new home & lock it.


You mean like “Part I?”


Yup, call it “The Awakening Begins” or something like that. Or maybe just “GAW / XPY Info thru Feb 20, 2015”.

I have a feeling the story is about to get more complex & muddy & even more difficult to sort out than it already is. A new shell has been put on the three card monte table.


I don’t know. I would kind of like to see the GAW XPY conversations slow down or halt here. I don;t think it needs encouragement by making it’s own category or what not. XPY permeates this entire forum pretty much. It’s almost as if you can’t go to another thread without hearing references.

I start reading a really cool thread about something entirely different and then land upon a GAW, J.G. or XPY reference and I’m like “Damn. Thought I was on to something cool and getting away from that crap”

Just my two cents but I’d like the talk to die with the XPY thread in the Altcoins section


Yes please. This has never been the intention of this forum to become an HT refugee camp. Please let it go and consider discussing some other topics.


That appeals to me too, but reality is somewhat different. The thread shows no sign of slowing down.

Another alternative is to lock the thread & not allow any posts about GAW here at all.


In which case you’d probably lose about 80% of the existing membership and most new, incoming. Don’t make me have to move to BCT, please.

Regardless of your desire that this not become “an HT refugee camp” - which I personally find kind of an insulting thing to say - well, reality is what it is and interest in the XPY thread outweighs everything else combined 10-to-1. Wishing it was somehow different or something other than what it is won’t change it.


And that’s sad because there’s so much more here. But, as you said, that is reality at this present moment. Hopefully it peters out at some point and we all can come together on more worthwhile pursuits :slight_smile:


Sorry, we wont be creating a dedicated category for GAW/Paybase. We have categories for all aspects of crypto, mining, bitoins, altcoins and more and everyone is welcome to create a topic in the appropriate category. However. we wont be catering or dedicating a top-level category to GAW and Paybase since we don’t do that for other services either


I reckon, with the speed of HT dissolving and some kind of end approaching for M. Ganza’s :wink: enterprise, the problem will disappear with a little more time.

This forum is better off not hosting dozens of threads which will provide space for PRO or ANTI-GAW trolls and shills.

Not much good if the phenix rises from the ashes and rolls itself in the :hankey: again straight away.


Consider the subject closed & admins feel free to lock this thread.