The U.S. Intelligence Community Freelance Job Website


For U.S. citizens who have worked in the intelligence community in the past or have, at minimum, a secret-level clearance, this may “soon :tm:” be your chance to freelance in the intelligence community for short term contracts.I am a member of this particular community building the website, but it is a project under construction. This is much like what I envisioned on a global, professional scale.

There have been many freelance websites cropping up in the past year or so. Many of these have been more geek oriented in application. This is another one of those sites that are subject-matter specific however. If you are interested in pursuing a second level, 1099 type career with short-term revenue potential, this may be the site for you to bookmark now.

Remember, you must have an “active” secret or top secret security clearance to pursue a position in the U.S. intelligence field, even a temporary one. I am sure, however, that some confidential positions may become available over time. The site is not active to the outside world as yet. One of the major contributors to this project is the U.S. D.I.A. I am also 100% certain that the NSA, FBI and CIA are funding this project as well. I still have many friends working in all of these agencies at present. There are some other initiatives coming on line that are similar in construct, mostly by the D.I.A. Therefore, eventually you will see positions available from most, if not all, of the agencies on the website. :wink:

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Other current projects:

I first became a member of this particular organization many years ago, when it was first a LinkedIn group. It has since become a far more serious organization, outside of LinkedIn, and is slowly integrating itself into the active intelligence community, with many other projects oriented towards past and present intelligence community members. Two of these projects under development are oriented towards crowd-funding and small business development (for members). If you have been part of the intelligence community in the past (or presently are), you may want to register on the website for some of these current and future benefits. Specific branch or agency association is not relevant for membership. I believe they still require proof of current or past affiliation however. There is an annual membership fee associated with membership.

Remember, once you have been in the community, you never really leave. :smiley:


“Do you like travelling, meeting new people and exploring other cultures? Sign up now for a 14 day trip to the Middle East or South America…”

Remember, once you have been in the community, you never really leave.

Sounds like Hotel California to me :slight_smile:


LMAO… I hear Syria is lovely this time of year, if you look past the crumpled buildings and dead corpses in the streets.

And someone is showing their age again… :wink:


Yeah but at least you get to train some locals that we can later brand-mark as Terrorists to bomb their place to hell, extort the resources and then leave the place to it’s own faith. Worked well in Iraq… rebuilding the country… my azz.

But back on topic. I can see there being a market for freelancers in that sector especially for suicide missions… or to push a paper trolley because of staff shortage at Langley. Either way, freelancing in the Intelligence Community does seem feasible, the Military sector makes use of Freelancers all the time.


I agree. There are often site-specific jobs that people can fill for mission-specific projects that are not ongoing. These may only pop up a few times per year. There are a lot of skills that never expire in the intel community. Many of these are language based.


Languages are a good example. Also sending a Freelancer for a specific OP or objective can be very convenient… denial wise.


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or for a US Navy Fighter Squadron rendition: