The19 Badge


If we’re to be labeled as a band of thieves and outlaws, I’d at least like to wear that label proudly.

I am The19. :smile:


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HAH! i’m hilarious


much :zzz: many xpy topics


I mentioned no such foulness. I’m talking about a forum badge.

“No” is an acceptable answer. :smile:


mmhmm one person saying no is not a majority vote :slight_smile:

I would much rather make a batch







Hey! Almost forgot about you



The badge should be “The Awakened”



Oh, sorry, wrong color.


I had another thought for a badge but I told it to my wife and she hit me in back in the head for it.


was it “dumb ass”


No, it was to be cherry red and the wording would be “Paycoin Cherry”

Damn, she just hit me again


is that like pay coin ■■■■

Attention the word “f***ers” doesn’t get censored @cyberdexter


yeah, along that line :smile:


I moved 23 posts to an existing topic: The Great Off-Topic Brabbel Collection Thread Featuring Tankjnr


Yep me too.


You. I like your style. Well played, sir. :laughing:


Where can i join this club :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Afaik there is a “GAW Syndrome” badge for those that are having a hard time putting past events behind them and move on :slight_smile: