This site reminds me of?


I have forgotten what it was like to have a site that is free and open to talk about all things Crypto, This is a great site and lets keep it that way. If you need to be negative on something thats ok but lets think about everyone’s perspective. We actually may have a site that can work and help us all learn about new things and opportunities coming up.
Thanks to those who made this possible
EDIT: Please do not let this get like BTC talk or Reddit, lets keep this open for information that means something.


Thanks @bubbamark!

I hope the next days will show how we envision the forum to be.

Our aim for the forum is to merely provide the tool and maintain it but the content and it’s quality will be up to the community. You can’t create a forum and then force your will on the members by saying “only house music” while the majority of your member is into Heavy Metal, that won’t work. The members will have to decide what they want or don’t want and over time that will form the community and it’s quality.

What is important to me (and that’s just me personally) is to see the forum grow to a “crypto community” that is involved in cryptocurrencies not "only"for the sole purpose of making money but actually understand the technology and everything that comes with it (or doesn’t).

Like I said, that’s just :wink:


I never really got involved with btctalk or reddit so I have limited exposure (by choice) When I first got into Crypto I found HashTrader I felt right at home and instantly clicked with every one (at least thats how I see it ) This forum feels like that to me. I know this place will grow and some trash will blow in but I really liked the small tight knit feel of HashTrader and I like that feel I get here. Before it became all about the mighty ROI people went out of their way to help one another out. I witnessed some amazing things done for others by the community. That was a special time and I believe we all still have that inside of our selves. This community will be just as excellent as can be , I am sure of it.

Stay awesome Ghashers!!!


I couldn’t remember the name of the site thats why I posted this. :smile:


I hope we all together manage to make GH less ROI focused. Don’t get me wrong we all do whatever we do to make a living, there is no way around that. But making a decent living or having a consistent or regular stream of income (or 2nd income) and greed are two very different things for me. From experience I would dare to say that the more greed is involved the less you get in the end.

Now, show me the money! :stuck_out_tongue:


BTC has its good points and bad ones. Reddit on the other hand that is a different ballgame all to its own.From what I have seen so far Its a good version of BTC and allows for civil conversations.Its as a community we have all been threw a lot.