Today's Batch 2 Deployment Schedule


Hi all

A quick update on today’s schedule for batch 2 and the issuance of the B2 GHX smart asset mining shares.

Batch 2 has started to hit our proxies approximately 10 minutes ago. We’re currently monitoring the hardware coming online to see if the is any issues. Once we’ve ensured that ALL units are getting work and are stable we’ll point them at the GHfarm proxies after (or just before) todays payout cycle.

Once the new power has been pointed at GHfarm we will begin issuing the B2 GHX mining shares to all members who have purchased B2 shares. The process will take us several hours to complete. Please bear in mind that as long as you receive your B2 shares before tomorrows payout cycle you’ll receive the full payout from today to tomorrow.

We’ll be also pushing some smaller changes to GHcloud to reflect the change in overall hashpower and the total number of GHX in circulation later today.

To celebrate B2 coming online we won’t be charging maintenance fee for the B2 units with tomorrows payout cycle. This means that we’ll be only charging the fee for 250 TH/s.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Get Hashing! :wink:

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i keep telling you coffee is not good for you

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Batch 2 shares received
now for the important question. …



July? August? September? Tomorrow?



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July once the new hardware hits the market.

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