Trusted escrows! If you want to sell or buy...experiences


A list of known and trusted GHcommunity escrows. The users on this list also have a “trusted escrow” badge attached to their profile.

  • @taylan has been offering his services for a long time on several forums including HT and has a reputation of being trustworthy.
  • @AnimoEsto used to handle many escrow transactions for members of the HT community and he’s also a member of te GHteam.
  • @Daffy, that’s all. He’s a respected and reputable member of this community.
  • @cyberdexter is just cyberdexter. If you need an escrow and you can’t get a hold of anyone else, give him a shout. :wink:
  • @ThePeddler (formerly known as Kristo on HT) also offers escrow service.

This toppic is a community wiki and can be edited by all members of the community. However, please don’t add yourself to the list of trusted escrows without having been recommended in this topic.

Confirmed trusted escrowe list! Always use escrowe!
Confirmed trusted escrowe list! Always use escrowe!
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I sold recently an acc under @cyberdexter escrow.

My peronal experience was: fast, honest, reliabel for an smal fee, always again.

Thank you @cyberdexter


Btw, trusted escrows do have a badge indicating that they are recognized for their service by the community. :wink:


Please feel free to modificate my threade

My intention was to introduce trustabels escrows…for buyers and sellers. Personal experiences and recomandations…


LOL, yes or no? I would use you as an escrow any time. :wink:

Also, you can mark your OP as community wiki which allows anyone to edit it. :wink:




Does past experience count?
I was trusted for escrow on HT (Kristo :slight_smile: )

That said, I don’t want to be the go-between for other’s transaction but folks should know they can trust dealing with me directly :+1:


Anybody that can confirm the experiences with @ThePeddler as escrow?

I invite the mods/admins to create an “confirmed” trusted escrowe service threade.

Thank you :smiley::+1:


Yes. I remember Kristo doing escrows on HT. :+1:


@volder or @cyberdexter can vouch for my character :smile:

I see I was a bit late!


Maybe the mods/admins create an new topic, and here the users can leave an feedback about the services…for new comers…


OP updated. This topic is now a community wiki.



I can vouch for @AnimoEsto and @taylan . I have used both for Escrow and Both are honest and the transactions went excellent. Thanks to both of you.


Thanks man :slight_smile: it was a pleasure working with you


@taylan just FYI, you can subscribe / watch categories by adding them to your profile. Just in case… :wink: