Turn out the lights, the Euro party is over


Greek banks are now unable to pledge Greek bonds as collateral and fund themselves, and liquidity is about to evaporate, the ECB has just given a green light for Greek bank runs…


The odds of Bitcoin being used as a funds transfer medium in the short term just went up.


Very good advise given for that type of situation, from the authors first hand experiance.


And silver, gold…


tl;dr >> stockpile guns and ammunition :wink:

EDIT Ooops jumped your reply, I was trying to figure out how to reply directly to you :wink:


Can’t wait for this to go BOOM. I’ve been saying since its inception that the Euro was a dead weight. But what do I know, I’m not some talking head on the tellybox.

Now I’m saying I told you so to people and they don’t know how to respond because they, like many on HT, still live in blue Pill land :slight_smile: