UNB - Unbreakable Coin Discussion


I’ll start this off with this. Unbreakable Coin (UNB) signs on Michael Terpin.




Sorry my OCD took over edited the title a bit.


LOL. That’s alright Daffy. Looks neater. I get a little OCD sometimes myself but about totally different things :wink:


LOL, I like the consistency in the alt-coin topic titles. Google will love it too :stuck_out_tongue:

@lothendriel quickly glanced at the website, seems funny. I’ll check it out after a lil nap :zzz:


Nothing spectacular in the development pipeline for this coin, but that gives it more credibility as a “stayer” coin. The projects look very dooable and the bar is not set skyhigh. Thus very achievable.

Verdict: a solid one for your coin portfolio, it should return something. But look elsewhere if you want high risk/reward for your money as a trader.


I am holding this one for awhile. Especially since Michael Terpin is involved. We shall see. I have other risk coins I am looking at for trading. Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:


Unbreakable coin just reminds me of that movie Bruce Willis was in ‘Unbreakable’. LOL. I am going to keep an eye on this one and we shall see


Yeah nothing to spectacular about this one… its a SHA256 clone, but I do like that the developer has thick skin and can take the critisism of being “just another” clone and is trying to make a go of it anyway. Constantly people in Cryptsy chat trying to pump it. Is one I am definately keeping an eye on.