Uphold & Voxelus


Has anyone else just received this email, what are your thoughts on Vox? it appears that uphold are trying to promote a new alt coin

"We are excited to announce that Uphold is the FIRST and ONLY money platform to support the VOX card, the first ‘official’ currency card of virtual reality (VR). Making history, the VOX is also the ONLY official currency of the Voxelus Platform, for the purchase, sale, payment and settlement of all content, products, services and awards. Which means that unless you own the VOX, you will be unable to make any commerce transactions, of any nature, on the Voxelus platform.

As an important and valued member of the fastest growing money platform in the world - transacting more than $687MM (USD equivalent) since launch in November 2014, across 170 countries - and one of the largest Bitcoin companies in the world - the equivalent of just under 36% of the world’s publicly available Bitcoin has been transacted on our platform in less than 13 months - In another first, we’re offering our members the exclusive opportunity to be part of pioneering the future of virtual reality commerce in advance of the general public launch, which is currently scheduled for March 30, 2016.

Starting today, you can purchase VOX directly in your Uphold Wallet for FREE. It will be instantly loaded onto a VOX card in your account, where you can enjoy the benefits of cloud money you already know and love – move, convert, hold and transact any form of currency, digital currency or commodity instantly and for FREE. The VOX is no exception!

As of December 23, 2015, you’ll be able to immediately:

BUY VOX directly on Uphold (Exchange rate, independently determined by Voxelus currently: 1 Bitcoin/BTC buys you 650 Voxel/VOX) with bitcoin, via bank transfer, with a debit or credit card or with your currently held funds.

HOLD your VOX safely and securely in your Uphold Wallet for FREE.

SEND your VOX to any member on Uphold, easily, instantly and for FREE.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Currently the VOX is for BETA PRE-SALE ONLY. This means the VOX is not currently offered to the general public for purchase on open market terms. Voxelus have placed on Uphold certain restrictions on the trading and transferring of the VOX until March 30, 2016, when they intend to offer the VOX for purchase by the general public. When all members of the general public have equal access to the VOX, on open market terms, ALL trading restrictions and limitations will be lifted and removed by Voxelus. This means that FROM March 30, 2016 you’ll also be able to conduct the following transactions:

CONVERT and EXCHANGE any VOX you own or purchase to any other currency or value we support on our platform.

OFFBOARD your VOX value out of your Uphold Wallet to the Voxel blockchain (which functions the very same way as Bitcoin and the Bitcoin blockchain). Subject to our Membership Agreement with you, which governs terms of use.

To learn more about how Uphold is partnering with Voxelus and enabling the VOX on our platform, visit our FAQ. For any questions specifically related to Uphold, please contact our support team at: support@uphold.com. For any specific questions related to Voxelus and/or the VOX, please contact Voxelus directly at: info@voxelus.com.

Feel free to stay up to date on our latest news and product launches via our blog. You can also reach out to me directly with your thoughts and feedback, I love hearing from you!

In celebration of the season, please allow me to send; to you and yours, my personal blessings and best wishes. May your holiday season be filled with love, peace and health.

In the meantime, once again THANK YOU for being an important and valued member of Uphold, The Internet of Money™. We’re just getting started!

Anthony Watson

President & Chief Executive Officer of Uphold, Inc.



Voxels are a unique crypto-currency designated as the currency of the Voxelus gaming design engine. You can use Voxels to purchase creation assets on the Voxelus marketplace. I see these as being able to retain some value as they have a practical use.


Thanks, sounds interesting I’ll look into this some more :grinning:


The Voxelus game design engine is pretty neat. You can find all info here - http://www.voxelus.com/


Thanks @lothendriel