VRC - VeriCoin (POS) 2% interest


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the coin has an good dev background which is more interested in the tech instead of the coins price :wink:


Ouch, just replied to your mention of VeryCon here


Imho this is one of the worst coins every conceived and I wouldn’t put a satoshi into it. They lost any credibility (they never had) the day they did the hard-fork to reverse transactions in order to compliment Mintpal who had lost a loooot of Vericoin to a hack. So instead of Mintpal having to swallow the loss,the Vericion developers did a hard-fork back to be block before that wallet was hacked wiping out all transactions that had happened since the Mintpal hack had occurred.

That’s where they got their nickname “charge-back coin” from.


Edit: I forgot to add, since VRC is a BLK clone, you might as well support the “real thing” and buy some Blackcoins. Good day to buy BLK since it dipped a bit earlier :wink:


Thx for the tip cyber, didn’t know that before, i just looked to the dev team and community, they are also in the super net, so i thought at that time it is an good buy…however if they rebound back to 5400 satoshis i will re sell them for some black coins :wink:


Glad to help. I know that their marketing or better their graphic designer is pretty good but apart from that it’s really just a BLK clone. They released a mobile up at one point and VeriPay (I think) and don’t know what and if they’ve done anything since then. I stopped following that coin after they did the rollback for Mintpal.

BLK is trading for approx 8,200 satoshi atm. Get some now :wink: