[WATCHLIST] BTCi24 Warning


BTCi24 is also another scam, been over 3 weeks with payments pending and no replies from support for explanation.
have sent Guido and Banuchi over there to see these fuckheads retired

[SCAM] HashOcean Cloud Mining

It amazes me folks still think sites like this are a good idea… :astonished:


When did you start in?

@CryptoMadeMan Is it still working for you (if your around) ?


The thing with these is people know it is scammy but do it as it is like gambling.
It is too bad.
I have to give it to them their site was really slick looking. LOL


Yep, I’ve had several people that I’ve met from the forums use this site.
Even when they admit that it can break down at any moment.
Then they usually say something like, “well any of these sites could disappear, at any time”.
They apply the fuzzy logic to all sites and see them as just gambles instead of investments.


even worse, they promote it sleazily, like whores, then jaw at ya when you drop .02 btc for trying


They also hide the “fee” for removing/withdraw from the system.
So there is a hidden adjustment to your ROI than many understand.