Weekly Checkin


I hope you bought back already at a good discount :slight_smile:

My gblack also paid for itself by now the PSU died and it’s not worth it to run it anymore…so RIP
surprisingly my ant s5 is still somewhat useful


Believe it or not I am also still alive and here. Lost a lot 2 years ago but back on my feet now. Broke out my “souvenir” minors and looking to grab some S9’s to finally begin rebuilding. Now if I could only collect on my arb awards on people like AnimoEsto, I’d really be back.


Oh man, sorry to hear all that happened, but good to see you are getting back on your feet. I’m also owned by @AnimoEsto …maybe we can get a bunch of us together to collect, dunno…
It’s sad that GAW ruined a lot of people and many of us missed the big bitcoin explosion because we were driven away or because we lost all the money


Hi guys,

still here and alive, but tbh, I am now more active on facebook. So if anybody wants to join me there or would like to get added to a bitcoiner group, hit me up:



Still alive and kicking


Kicking who? I wish we were kicking Garza :slight_smile:


Stopped by to say HI


Yep I check once a fortnight to see who is still here. Amazed that a sight that had a closure message is still running and I get spam email from the address I registered here.


Not sure but maybe this is valuable info ( or proof ) for some. Only reasonnable explaination I could find to revive this forum.


It would be more valuable if they finally gave him the damn sentence… don’t know why it keeps getting delayed


Well WTF this site was down for a couple of weeks, I wonder whom now has control.


Yea no idea, wonder how long it will stay up for.


ZGetHashing …


Project is dead but still walking


I wonder how many people are still actively involved in crypto, how many did go bankrupt and how many are rich pals atm.

Anyone actively involved in any crypto projects?


Just mining as a hobby, and then buying low value coins hoping that one does a 100 x


By the way whom is now paying to keep this forum open, I thought the GH team went broke, might be why all the spam that I get happens, oh well a throw away email address so who cares?


Haha like we all do. GHcoin was pretty sweet after all. All the staking would’ve been very popular these days.

Some people must have hit the jackpot in these years. I wasn’t one of them, but still pretty excited about the whole ride.

GH was/is good, way better than BCT or whatsoever.


Wow this site is still alive, many spammy emails, who is running it!


Yea wow, I am surprised every time I check this site and it is still up :smile:.

I am still around, Built up some ETH mining when GH went down so very much still into Crypto. Brought a few ■■■■ coins with ETH that are way down. Portfolio down a lot like many at the moment. Mainly focusing on trading these days. Still happy to say I have not put $1 into crypto since getting ripped off by GAW other then couple of months mining just on my home PC with 1 card so couple hundred at most. Have built up a way more than the 10k AUD I lost with GAW just from Mining and Trading so pretty happy overall that I have been able to remain active in this space after losing everything and starting again :+1:


I thought this site was dead it keeps coming back online