Weekly SHTF raffle


SHTF? When Stuff Hits The Fan there are certain items you want to have on hand to be prepared. Starting this Friday 20th (tentatively) and every Friday thereafter I will be posting an item(s) that would be useful or needed should SHTF (economic collapse, earthquake, riots, etc.) will be raffled off the following week.

The items will vary week to week but will include items such as silver/gold, MRE’s, bug-out-bag, survival/camping tools etc. Things you might need or find useful but never really thought about. How many people have emergency drinking water, food or items needed for a power outage?

I am a handicap prepper, at home all day and I am a bit bored so I am thinking of different things to occupy my time and do something entertaining for me and the community. There is no bidding and the only limit to raffle entries is up to you. Each week when a picture of the item is posted, there will also be an entry cost as well as the addys for dep. For example, a 1 oz .999 silver round would have an entry fee of either 5XPY or .02 BTC, roughly $5 per entry. Entry fee is “high” in comparison to the item mainly because it will keep it fair for those who do not have deep pockets. Obviously in this scenario because 1oz silver is roughly $20, no one is going to put in more than 4 entries, more likely only 3. After dep your entry purchase, post your addy and # of entries.

Every Friday a winner will be picked and a new item will be posted for the next raffle. The winner can either choose to have the item shipped to them (my cost) or the value equivalent of the item paid in Crypto (your coin choice @ current value).

I am open to suggestions and ideas.

EDIT 1: I will also be considering a way (given enough participants/entries) to either have a second winner for a portion of the proceeds that exceed costs or start including a % into the following weeks winner purse.


I love raffles this is a great idea.
I am will have to think about ways to help.


Nice idea, looking forward to it. :+1:

We’ll need a category for all those cool things soon. wish I could think of a suiting name and place.


No interest? Any suggestions?


I’m watching. The kit looks interesting :slight_smile: