We're Hashing!


Good Morning Everyone, we’re Hashing!

Approximately 2 hours ago our Farm started coming online and we’re hashing! The units are currently settling in on the 2fpool and on Antpool (which is one of their fallback pools) and @AnimoEsto is configuring some of the units through our proxy to start their work on BetaRigs, our private pool etc.

F2pool, 220 TH settling in

Power distribution:

191 S5’s (220 TH) are configured to mine F2pool with Antpool as their fallback pool. 18 S5’s (20.8 TH) are currently being configured for BetaRigs with their fallback pools being NiceHash and Antpool. 8 units (9.2 TH) are being configured to mine our private pool at the moment again with their fallback being Antpool.

Mining Payouts:

Payouts start today at around 19:00 UTC. Here is a breakdown on how payouts are processed.

BTC is mined to 1Q8CxZLZDMDSF5RPscfGmWzDNMCPtEDmvf which we’ve previously signed. From there all mined BTC is transferred once per day to the GHmined address on Coinprism. From there the daily gross maintenance fee for the farm will be deducted and then dividends are paid to all GHcoin owners. This will create all records on one ledger which can be easily tracked and audited by all coin owners at any time.

Here is an screenshot from our beta showing a dividend payment. The farm payouts will be similar just larger and with a much larger number of coin owners.

Payouts from leased power (BetaRigs and co)

Those payouts will start from Sunday and run every few days. The exact schedule is TBA (to be announced) once we have an overview on how often the payments are processed. The address for GHrigs is 1BRg6N1haKX1msnDYSgPH6LA3w3SixK3dK.

We’ll continue to update this thread throughout the day as we progress through the setup of all rigs and their configurations. We’re also anticipating to see an update from Bitmain emerge on the forum posted by @HashNest_Janet who will be confirming the Farm info.

GHcoin Mining Operation Shares & Definition (B1 CLOSED!)
GHcoin Mining Operation Shares & Definition (B1 CLOSED!)
Is it possible to visit the DC?


Yay! It’s exciting to see it all starting to come together! I guess the gecko can use WOW! now… :slight_smile:


Awesome, great work guys :slight_smile:


We’re very excited too. We’re sorry in the delay in bringing the power online and please bear with us while we let the units settle in and tinker with the configurations. We’ll monitor everything very closely for the next 24 hours to ensure everything is running as desired. We also have to monitor the payout schedules of the external pools to adjust our own schedule accordingly.


I just brought the ALTs online


Great way to start Friday! Congrats all!




Great way to end a Friday for me :slight_smile: Oh wait it is now Saturday :wink: Sleeping time for me.


Friday the 13th… who said it wasn’t a good day? :slight_smile:


That A1 killed one of my racks … but I got it back up …the rack that is, not the A1


Good job GH Team ! Got small potatoes here, but still good potatoes :smile:


Many small potatoes make many many french fries. We’re hashing now and we’ll take it from here. I think it’s time to thank everyone who has invested in B1. Get Hashing!! We’re on our way…


Soooo did we get paid yet?

Ah ha I claim PoP coins on myself!


Add some gravy sauce and squishy cheese and you got a tasty ‘poutine’ :wink:


Awesome news!
Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

I may also buy some S5s on my own since they seem very reasonably priced for the hash rate!


Balance: …pending…

We’ll have to do some database maintenance soon and then farm maintenance. Oh wait, different “operator”…

Ah ha I claim PoP coins on myself!

No poop for you :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s time to focus on the platform, get stats up work on the staking etc and once all that has settled in… batch 2 :slight_smile:

Yes, the S5’s are beautiful units :slight_smile:


We’re off to a good start on Friday the 13th…


The rental rigs are coming online


Waaaaay to go! Proud to be a part of this! :slight_smile: