We're Mining Neos


Come and join us on our Neos SHA256 pool!

We always have a bit of power pointed at our Neos pool since it is a great coin. Neos has a great browser based wallet interface which runs on local php and a very dedicated development team. Check out the Neos website.

It’s a coin worth supporting so point some of your extra power to our pool and join the Neos community

  • Pool Address: http://http://pool.gethashing.com/
  • Stratum: pool.gethashing.com
  • Vardiff port: 3532 (from diff 32)
  • Vardiff port : 4532 (from diff 2049-8192)
  • Worker name: Your Neos address
  • Password: x / anything

Our mining address: NVH8NygwpKVSdDqzU9Ej1Xw3Rtg6Ut6545

NEOS - Neos Coin Discussion
Peercoin Mining!

Thanks a lot guys <3


@syntaks glad to see you here! :wink:


I only looked briefly at neoscoin. Its anonymous, in a way that’s similar to darkcoin, am I right? I tried to see what merchants accepted neoscoin but it wouldn’t display on my phone. What can I do with neos?


I’ve replied to your question in the Altcoin discussion :wink:


Over 150 blocks mined and over 12,000 Neos paid out!

Hash on!


207 blocks now and I’ve heard that on of the magicians has been playing with coin-switch and some other “stuff”… get hashing :slight_smile:


would it be advisable if I pointed an S4 @ 2 TH/s at that pool for a while?


only if you actually want to mine some Neos. It’s definitely not something to get nice payouts from but more in support of the coin. We’ve also picked Neos for our testing because it allows us to mine blocks and test our mining proxy and some other things without entirely wasting the power pointed.

We’re now adding the following coins to our pool to move into the next phase (daemons have been up for a while):

  • Peercoin
  • Titcoin
  • Digitalcoin
  • Terracoin

Once we’ve moved those over to the new stratum (which is using hyper-threading) we’ll move to the next step which will be coin-switching and from there to “account mode” in order to support coin payout selection and hash power allocation / slicing.


neoscoin looks very interesting. for the moment, I will keep my “spare” S4 pointed at freicoin, joe from freicoinpool is an old friend and I want to support that coin for the time it will take for you to configure and put up the coin-switching mode.


I’ve just looked at Freicoin the other day. Perhaps we should consider adding it too @AnimoEsto ?


@cyberdexter can we spend neoscoin anywhere?


pexpeppers.com is accpeting neos :smile:

I think @syntaks was working on getting neos accepted on coinpayments.com. Perhaps we could push them to put neos up for voting. Also check out neos on twitter, some cool stuff in the works.


I’m definitely looking to get Neos added to coinpayments. =) Regarding usability, Litepaid merchants (existing and new) can accept Neos at the time. Once 2.0.2 is complete I’ll be focusing more on writing commerce plugins and code as well as APIs to make merchant integration as seamless as possible. There’s a lot in the project management system I use that I’m just dying to rip into but 2.0.2 takes precedence as it provides an entire new system and focuses on security. While the audio is horrendous, everyone is more than welcomed to check out the screencast I published the other night at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSXxNlw5LBE I’m just sick of people ripping other people off and people having their coin stolen or dealing with scams. Enough is enough.

Best regards,



@syntaks jut watched the entire video and yeah, audio is indeed horrendous but, the security feature you’re working on is just amazing. I love it!


Here’s a better version with fixed audio:


So, the XPY Multipool has added Neos to their profit-switching and auto-exchanging multipool which…sucks.

This is yet another excellent example on everything that’s wrong with Multipools and why we strive to make our pool work differently. The XPY pool had over 70 TH pointed last night. An increase does not only create the risk of forking the coin but it also shot difficulty to above 5 million and the auto-exchange of the mined coins can damage the value of neos.

I’m pointing more power at our pool to compete with the multipool over the blocks. It would be great to see some of you point their SHA rigs to


what difficulty would you recommend for a S4?


Diff 2048 - Or the 3532 Port


You can use port 3532 since it is a vardiff port.