What are YOU Playing right now? (April Edition)


Hey guys, so considering starting a monthly what are you playing uhh thing. Most of my games tend to be on the PC, but I will occasionally swing a console game here and there. So lets just see how it goes. (watches it die a horrible death)

Currently Playing: This War of Mine (PC), Hearthstone (PC), King’s Bounty: The Legend (PC) and Mario Kart: Double Dash (GCN)

Looking Towards Playing: MLB 15, WoW (again), and possibly some others.


This War of Mine: First of all, this is not a run and gun or tactical military Shooter/FPS. You play as a civilian or group of civilians and just try to survive the war by finding food, materials to craft items/furniture etc. The only issue is replay value suffers a bit after you survive one “war”. The games do vary when you play again, different layouts when you scavenge for supplies etc. But it’s essentially the same game just starting over.

Current rating: 8/10
Current Staying Power: 3/10

Hearthstone: This one shouldn’t take much of an explanation but it’s basically a simplified Magic the Gathering with WoW Themes, it’s pretty fun but has taken a bit of a backseat this month.

Current rating: 9/10
Current Staying Power: 5/10

Kings Bounty: The Legend: Ok so I’ve had this one forever but never gave it a chance. Gotta say I’m pleasantly surprised so far. The writing/story isn’t entirely serious almost like it makes fun of itself which is great. (At least that’s how it was in the training section) I’m not too far along right now but I feel like the leveling and skill system will keep my interest for a bit. Likely this will carry over into next months summary…

Current rating: 7/10
Current Staying Power: 9/10

Mario Kart DD: Ok ok, yeah I’m playing this right now, don’t hate. But I still feel like this is one of the more underrated Mario Kart’s. The dual character dynamic seems gimmicky but it sure makes firing off items more strategic and fun. Also I’m playing this on the Dolphin emulator with a PC Gamecube controller adapter since I’m too lazy to bust out my Gamecube.

Current rating: 8/10
Current Staying Power 6/10

So far that’s what I have on my plate. I’ll update with a Top 10 list next time or so to kind of keep things in order and how long they hold my attention. But let me know what you guys are playing, and if you have any suggestions of what I should put next on the docket :slight_smile:


Hmm I’m playing GHcloud right now. Whack a mole is too easy I’m bug hunting.


Oh for sure, I could see GHcloud having a TON of replay value, almost too much XD


COD AW. That’s all I play. Xbox One too. I don’t play video games much anymore.

Oh yeah, Candy Crush Saga and Soda. And a little Clash of Clans.

And since I have a 5 year old daughter, I play with Shopkins all the freaking time.


Ha ha yeah, the phone apps are great when you don’t have a ton of time, I know I’ll be forced to do that when a kid of mine comes along >_<


Ended a classic recently. Final Fantasy III


Well it doesn’t happen magically, so you’d better get to work at it.


Oh man the one for the SNES? Or the actual Japanese one :-p Because III/VI is my top ranking FF of all.


Haha yeah the Snes one on a emulator ( 3 and 6 are the same since the real Final Fantasy 2 and 3 are on the NES but they werent released into america so they started FF2 and FF3 on Snes :stuck_out_tongue: The best FFs happened before the X.

Seem the next FF ( 15 ) would be more a Kingdom Heart style…They losted the ‘’ Final Fantasy’’ success, on my opinion.


Mostly playing GHcloud with @Daffy.

I have a couple of games installed or online accounts. Pretty much haven’t been active in any of my browser games since December. Games I play…


For those who already played ‘‘Fallout’’ or ''Fallout ; New Vegas ‘’

Nice mug xD


Started playing an old fave recently, looked at the save game, it was two years old…that’s how long it’d been since I played any PC games…

Anyone remember Rome Total War? Amazing time sink :slight_smile:


Oh man… Don’t say it, I’ll get back into it. The original Rome was best, Rome 2… yeah pretty bad.


I just quit smoking (Saturday) - I smoked about 20 years…nasty.
So, I needed something intense…and I play Alien: Isolation
Man, that is something…I like everything around Alien universe and saw/played all the old crap before, but this is gaming masterpiece…not just, that I´m alien fan…

I even build a new gaming rig for this, to have best experience…really cool AAA title :smile:

and the fact, that you actually cannot kill this alien ■■■■■■■ is making something extraordinary from the gaming experience…


Congrats! One day I’ll quit too


World of Tanks and Firefly Online.