What Happened to Coin-Swap?



Yesterday this “alert” was posted by Coin-Swap:

Coin-Swap.net has changed ownership.
2015-03-05 19:39:05
Coin-Swap.net was sold to GAW on December 31st 2014. The Coin-Swap team handles basic maintenance and support but is no longer actively developing. Please use at your own risk.

Today ALL the markets are GONE.



GAW happened to them.
They seem to have that effect on all their recent acquisitions… :smile:


@Redacted posted here about this: [SCAM] GAWMiners, Paybase, ZenCloud

Edit: They’ll be shutting down on March 22nd.


Word on the block is that they just wanted to strip it of its exchange code.


Another excange is being developed by Ian and team in Asia I read somewhere. Poor Ian and others have caught so much :hankey: after the sale to GAW (some of it from me) I bet they cant wait to be rid of them.