What is GetHashing?


Hello Everyone,

We’re posting this update today because we’ve come to the conclusion that despite our efforts some of our member are still under the misconception that GetHashing is here to become “the next big thing in Crypto”.

This is not the case.

GetHashing was born as an idea by a small group of crypto enthusiasts with a passion for Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the technologies to build a new and unique community driven platform that’s entirely cloud based and built on top of the block-chain protocol.

The idea (or vision) came to life in late 2014 when all of us (and most likely most of you) were affected by a large number of events happening in the cryptoworld. BTC plunged from $550+ to now $220 which heavily affected mining profitability. A large number of companies closed down, stopped payments or changed their direction and many “cryptofolios” (though well diversified) got burned in a matter of weeks. This brought to light a need for those who are looking for a way to earn and support cryptos without the extra heat, power usage, or even noise in their homes.

Our vision was not to be “yet another, cloud mining company”.

Instead, we decided we would build a platform that will grow with the community to become self-sustained, operated, and powered by it’s members. In January we launched the GetHashing forum and we began our research and development of GHcloud and entered into negotiations with different manufacturers.

While doing our research we’ve come to realize that (unfortunately) many of those that use bitcoins know very little about the block-chain or it’s capabilities. For most people the blockchain is just “a public record of transactions” so we decided to stop reinventing the wheel and instead build the entire platform on the cloud utilizing the chains capabilities wherever possible and return to the roots of crypto, Bitcoin.

GHcoin (GHX) is the first step and GHcloud will follow the lead by being one of the first platforms ever that doesn’t require storing your data on our servers. We use SALT and LocalData storage. This allows us to build a highly flexible platform.

Although other communities have attempted to accomplish this, GetHashing intends to succeed where others have failed by pledging full transparency by simply using the existing technologies. This means that there will be no database issues, hot wallets running dry when making transfers via the platform. Think of us as being the Janitor’s that develop, maintain and manage the platform rather than being the company that is selling you their product(s). Because we are not - we’re buying the same product(s) as you are.


Many of you already know the members of the GHteam, the founders of this forum. For those of you who don’t know us yet, here a quick breakdown of who we are.

@AnimoEsto - John

John is GetHashing’s infrastructure guy. John is a former IT Consultant with 25 years experience in High Availability platforms (Both Windows and Linux) and worked for Motorola, EDS, CapGemini, Capita, Fujitsu and H.M. Government. He currently works as IT Infrastructure Manager for a group of companies in Basingstoke, UK where he manages data centers across three continents, providing services that are accessed by millions of people daily.

@nemesio - Chris

Chris is our poolmaster, he will manage and maintain the pools we mine for both BTC and Altcoins. He has a strong background in Crypto mining with CPUs, GPUs, and ASICs. Chris’ values include family, friends, and improving knowledge in all of his hobbies.

@cyberdexter - Andy

Andy has a strong background in project management and works as a Consultant in the iGaming industry. He has spent the last 3 months building relationships with our suppliers, negotiated our contracts and runs the beta program.

@volder - Tim

Tim is an innovative and seasoned IT Executive with extensive background experience in various technologies. He has also started and/or partnered in several technology companies that are still running strong today. Tim is a self-proclaimed technology geek, cryptocurrency guru and large scale miner. His role with GetHashing is provide creative strategies to improve our position in the vertical space and build impactful long term relationships.

@MadMacs - Ryan

Ryan has been a business owner for the past 10 years. His company specializes with helping small businesses implement technology to make them more efficient and ultimately more profitable. His role with GetHashing is more sales focused as well as helping maintain a social aspect to the company.

@jakez- Jacob

First began dabbling in Crypto early in January 2013, during the “Litecoin Boom”. He helps a little with everything, but he primarily focuses on the graphic design aspects of GetHashing such as Logos, Newsletters, etc.

@wpstudio - Ben

Has been training and coaching freelancers and small business owners how to start, expand, and enhance their business through his iThemes.com and WebDesign.com live training webinars for many years. He is also an accomplished crypto developer with multiple projects under his belt. Prior to getting involved in the crypto world, he was part of the video game development house that produced titles like Tribes, Incredible Machine, Marble Blast, and many more titles for PC, Mac, Linux and Xbox. His role at GetHashing is to assist in development and anything else that is needed.

@Viturrex - Corne

We are a small company involved in the more humanitarian and ethical aspect of the Crypto industry. Our (Viturrex’s) aim with this project is to help crypto benefit each and every person in as many aspects as possible – whether it is to gain financial freedom, help your fellow man or even just to benefit society in general, in ways never before attempted within the industry.

With the GetHashing Platform we hope to play an integral role in establishing the ethical grounding of the platform. We as a company will strive to ensure the principles of Respect for Autonomy, Beneficence, Non-maleficence and Justice are incorporated throughout everything that the GetHashing platform does. Think of us as the conscience and ethical grounding of the platform given voice, in the unique scenario of the crypto industry.

What is GHcoin (GHX)?

GHcoin is a smart asset build on the open assets protocol. A digital contract stored on the bitcoin blockchain also known as colored coins.

Smart assets allow easy asset management which can be utilized in many ways. As a currency, a token, a smart property or pretty much any form of contract you can imagine. Because smart assets are stored on the blockchain all information of the asset can be publicly viewed including the asset definition, transactions, issued and destroyed or issued coins.

The overall amount of issued GHcoins (shares) must always equal the total amount of power hashing. For batch 1 this means that no more than 25,000 coins may be issued and in the event of hardware being sold or shipped to a coin owner his coins must be returned and destroyed (un-colored). Thus all users can audit GHcoin at any time and compare it to the overall power hashing to validate that there is never more coins issued then backed by by physical hardware.

For more information please see:


What is GHcloud?

GHcloud is currently in development and it will be our decentralized community platform which includes a wallet service for different cryptocurrencies, the stats and all mining addresses of GHpool and of course GHcoin. The platform currently supports BTC, LTC and Doge and DRK support should be added during the next week.

Thanks to the framework we’ve chosen no user data is stored on our servers but instead in your browsers localdata in the form of a SALT. This means that GetHashing does not have access to your coins or your keys and therefore your funds are 100% safe as long as you don’t lose your wallet backup. This also means that we won’t be storing anyone’s personal information, email address or phone number. GetHashing is “just” providing the framework, everything else happens on the users end.

The advantage, very low overhead costs to sustain the platform on the long run.

Our beta testers (@Daffy, @InsaneMiner, @Miramyn, @mharter, @tankjnr, @quigley…) already received (very) early access and hopefully we’ll be able to launch for public beta within the next 10-14 days.

Proof-of-Everything Concept

We know that PoE sounds cheesy but it is what it is.

We’ve made a great deal out of being transparent since the first day we launched the forum. We’ve introduced the power of self-moderation, we’re enticing open discussions and we’ve provided all sorts of info about what we’re working on, our mining addresses and so on. We have no plans to change this approach moving forward so here is a summary of all the proof-of-this-and-that.

  • Proof-of-Distribution (GHcoins in circulation vs hash power)
  • Proof-of-Hardware (Hardware pictures and order confirmations)
  • Proof-of-Hashing (Overall power hashing and power allocation on GHcloud)
  • Proof-of-Staking (The Pos coins staked by us will be displayed on GHcloud. Most likely not in the first version of the public beta!)

All of the above together forms our proof-of-everything providing more transparency than any other company or community in the industry is currently offering to it’s members.

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GHcoin Mining Operation Shares & Definition (B1 CLOSED!)
GHcoin Mining Operation Shares & Definition (B1 CLOSED!)
GHcoin Mining Operation Shares & Definition (B1 CLOSED!)
POS Pools

Thank you for the announcement @keymaster. Looking forward to progress this week. Who might you be OP? Are you RD or one of the 7 mentioned above?


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Look forward to the public beta and contributing / helping this community, hopefully i have some appropriate skills hidden somewhere :wink:


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