What is your favorite Crypto Exchange? Why?


I know you may have more than one, so you can list in order.


  1. Exchange One
  2. Exchange Other
  3. Exchange YA

Edit: We should consider an Exchange as a place to exchange between at least 2 or more different coins, not just between BTC and USD. :stuck_out_tongue:



I forgot to say why: Bittrex has a clean interface & handles deposits & withdrawals quickly. If they list a coin it’s my preferred place to go. BTC-e lists almost everything, I go there reluctantly if Bittrex doesn’t list a coin. Coinbase reliably moves my BTC to fiat, that’s all I use them for, I never buy BTC with fiat.


Paybase I made fat stacks :smile:

Cryptsy I unloaded aforementioned fat stacks :smile:


I use Coinbase and CoinSwap (Im simple, the UI is simple), Im looking for another simple exchange where everything is listed.


Although I’ve only been back on there once or twice in the last 6 months, crypto-trade was always one of my favourites. Lovely UI but a perpetually low volume. Never understood why they aren’t better known, or popular…


My favorite are.
Payb… wait a second not my least
Bittrex is my Favorite. While I was developing a few Alt coins I had a very close relationship with them and they were always helpful. I also like who the trading platform works there.
If I am going to USD coinbase was always my number one but circle has been moving in because of the no fees.