What to mine with Gridseed Orbs?


So I was cleaning out the closet and found all my gridseed orbs.
Are they even worth setting back up or should they go off to ebay?

I’m interested to hear if they are even still relevant anymore :smile:


Scrap metal?


Maybe I can turn them into modern art?
Figured I would ask before starting to get them all set back up :smile:


Your statement makes me feel like such a Noob. LOL. I am actually scrypt mining with only two at the moment. I just love mining that much that I will run those two. I’m not paying for the electric so that helps. I would actually like a couple more at some point down the road. Maybe one day … sigh … I’ll have a big rig of my own :slight_smile:


I have 4 S4’s in my basement. Unless you have a desire for a jet engine at your home stick with cloud miners. Sounds like there is an airport in my basement and it’s hotter than crap.


I don’t care … I’m just that insane LOL. But it’s kind of like…you never had it and want to try it then after you try it for yourself you might get over it but it’s that thing that only personal experience can satisfy.


I’ve got 48 of them (all with the fans removed) if you want some for cheap :smile:
I think I still even have the original shipping package that holds 20 of them somewhere…

I’ve had a boatload (40+) S1s, 16 Gridseed blades, and a zeus thunder in addition to the orbs (all of which were sold awhile back).

Getting married was the second worst thing to happen to my budding mining career due to her hating the “wind machines” (first worst was when GAW changed from mining BTC to hashpoints shortly after getting in big mining in the cloud)


Two more might not be so bad for now. I could run with the two of mine and the two of yours. I am not as financially juiced as some of the big cats around here so my little mining set will probably taking piecing together over a period of time to get.

How many amps would i require to run four orbs if I purchased two from you?

Oh and how much is cheap? Hehehe. Seriously would like to get some more hardware


Also I do design work for trade if that interests you any - Graphic Designer Will Work For Coin


Gridseeds are the new USB Block Erupters (which I have about 100 of, all packed away with their associated 10 port USB hubs…)


Not sure about amps, but googling real quick it looks like scrypt mode takes 5-7 watts (without the fans they should ONLY be run in scrypt mode).

I’m not sure what value they still have (that said looking on ebay the prices are unreal…I doubt any are selling for that much!), but I would just as soon send them to you if you pay shipping?
Are you in the US or international?


You could probably run a hundred orbs on the same circuit. They take so little power.


Hey I got 5 still running.


Keep at least one orb and a block erupter. The will be part of our history one day.


I am in the US. Where is you be? :smile:

Think I could run them off of one of these? - http://www.alarmsystemstore.com/Multi-camera-power-supply-12VDC-4-port-5-amp-p/ps120v5-d.htm

It’s just a simple love of mining that keeps them going, right? :slight_smile:

I have some block erupters too. LOL. Of course the only time I’d get to use them anymore these days is for a SHA-256 coin launch


I’m not sure. This would work with a PC PSU:


Nice! I will have to look into that. The PS I posted the link to has inputs where you can wire the pigtails into. The piece you showed me looks a lot more economical. Thanks for the guidance :slight_smile:


I’m in Pittsburgh.
Feel free to PM me if you are interested.
I also need to hunt around further for power & usb cables, but 2 Gridseeds are guaranteed :+1:


Yes, Orbs run at 6-7W.
Will be able to supply 6-7 orbs safely

Simple formula

P = V * A
V = P / A
A = P / V

P = Power
V = Voltage
A = Current

7W / 12V = 0.583A for each Orbs

Golden rule, don’t load P/S more than 80%

5A * 0.8 = 4A
4A / 0.583A = 6.86 orbs

Mining is fun :smile:


I have some block eruptors, U1, bi*fury, nanofury, Bitmain bifury and some Zeus/GAWMiners Furys. All still hashing.

They are my little friends that got me into mining and I will keep feeding them the few Watts they are asking for to provide about 75 GH/s of SHA and 4,2 MH/s of scrypt for as long as their little hearts will keep hashing.

Then, I will make keychains out of them and sell them on Etsy to achieve ROI, LOL!