What was your first PC


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Hey I still got one of those. And really 640k is more than enough.


IBM PS-2 Mod 25 WITH 10 Mb hard drive !! :slight_smile:


The quote was actually, "64 K is more than enough"
Yeah, ThAT’s how old it is in computer terms. :slight_smile:


Hmm was it really 64k and not 640k? I remember my first PC having only 128k I think.


Yeah Daf it really was 64 k. Hey by the time I saved up the $5,200 to buy my first computer they were coming with a whole Megabyte of RAM! :slight_smile:


My first computer was a Packard Bell with 1mb RAM and 40mb hard drive. Quite the beast by todays standards…


I bought a GateWay 2000, which came in a brilliant cow print box. Had the CD drive option, but not the 5 1/4 inch floppy diskette. It needed an additional soundcard to be able to play Starcraft on.


Sounds juicy… I first played with a Wang 2200 but my first one I purchased with my OWN money was a Rainbow Digital 100. A whopping 64 kB of memory… oh wait don’t turn it off… you’ll LOSE EVERYTHING. Someone forgot to write “save” functionality…


Well my first system was a 2 5 1/4 floppy drive system no HDD then I bought a 10Mb HDD it was a full size 5 1/4 drive.


One of those started failing and corrupted a database in one of my first jobs… and the last backup tape was obviously unreadable. Had to manually reconstruct the database from a few megs of raw data. Try that today with all those terabytes and encryptions and clouds.


LOL yeah the last big DB I worked on was 500Gb


Was technically the family computer but i remember having to save games to a cassette tape.



I had a dx4-120. 100% constructed from parts I managed to mooch for free. Threw in an 8mb voodoo 2 to go with my epic 4mb matrox millenium gfx card and I was fragging/lagging away on quake 2 with my 28.8 modem in no time. I was also paying a fortune per minute to be online. Good times :slight_smile:

For first computer and not just PC it was a c64. The newer model which looked a bit like the amiga I really wanted. Had been tinkering with 'em ever since my brothers zx-81 with its totally overpowered 16k ram pack. He also had a c16, vic20 and a plus 4. Also good times :slight_smile:


I don’t remember the first but I do remember my parents IBM Thinkpad that almost came to a screeching halt when you would win on solitaire and the cards started bouncing around.


I still have a Grid portable in the closet. I managed to get Windows 3.1 loaded on it. Lovely, innovative, monochrome amber display… I just feel so techy today. :smiley:


Atari 2600 with Basic programming cartridge
Commodore 64 (tape drive + then a 1541) 2 phone lines for my BBS!
Commodore 128 (1mg floppy - sfd1000) — unlimited storage for me BBS :wink:
8088 4.7mhz clone
80286 with 12mhz TURBO!!!
80386 Running Desqview (I think that was at this point) and Fidonet for 2 line BBS!!!
p90 etc…



I wish to point out that my post was in reference to something of DoucheCanoe’s™ sites going down. It wasn’t anyway to start a discussion on your first PC and was relevant to the thread and location in the thread.