What's the quickest way to buy BTC with USD?



What’s the quickest way to buy BTC with USD? Thanks in advance.


Circle, Coinbase, Localbitcoins… etc


Circle is my choice. Quick and simple.


I use circle as well. The more you use the service the more your instantly available BTC increases. Same goes with Coinbase.


I use localbitcoins.


Expresscoin is said to work well for US residents too but yes, Coinbase and Circle are pretty much the preferred places. I don’t like LocalBitcoins since the rate is usually inflated.


Circle for me. Quick and painless once you get the checking account linked.


The quickest way is at a bitcoin ATM. The few I have used processed the transaction in as little as 12 minutes and longest was 25 hours (that one required submitting ID online and creating account before using their ATM but once account was setup they are the fastest to use with transactions taking 2 minutes now). Quickest online reputable seller I have found is Coincafe.com out of Brooklyn they take 12 to 48 hours for normal transactions and you can pay a “rush” fee to ensure 24 hour delivery of coins. For non-time sensetive transactions I use Circle, which typically takes 3 days.