What's your favorite wallet?


As I was reading @cyberdexter post about Bithalo V2 I got thinking witch wallet is actualy the best wallet out there…

I personally tried a couple of them before settleling to the one I used… Ill give you my top 3 and then ill ask a question to all the crypto guru out here…

3- Hive - Work great, multi platform - better than the core wallet but basic.

2 - Multibit - It’s super easy to work. I noticed some users online were talking about security concern about it so i looked around for a replacement… It’s my number 3 because i never had any problem with it personally

1- Greenadress - Nice Interface, multiplateform across the board (IOS, Android, PC, Mac) possibility of instant confirmation (if all party support it), Multi Signature, Possibility to create a Voucher instead of sending the BTC directly.

those are my Top 3, what are your and for what reason…

Now my question is about the multisig. I heard that it’s like 2FA for the wallet, so you need 2 private keys… Is this really safer. I know that google is my friends, but i want to have your input…


My favorite BTC wallet is Electrum. I’ve been using it forever, never had an issue and since it’s a lightweight you can install it on multiple devices and just put in your seed and they are all synced up. I hd a shared Electrum wallet with a (very trusted) friend before too and it worked well if you add the plugin to sync transaction tags on the cloud.

It is a “lot” more secure. Since you need to have both keys linked up to make a transaction your wallet is basically useless if your keys aren’t paired. You could even encrypt each key with a different pass phrase for the ultimate security. I have 1 key stored in my roaming folder and the 2nd key on a usb stick. I got backups too but anyway. In order to make a transaction my stick needs to be connected.

If you want to discuss it more throw your questions in the Halo thread. Should be interesting and I’ll be happy to setup a dummy joint account with you to play around. Preferable in BLK, it’s cheaper :wink:

  1. Bitcoin Armory
  2. Electrum
  3. Trezor

All three provide convenient cold storage. If you want to use cold storage with Electrum or Armory you will need an offline computer to store your private keys. The Trezor device stores your private keys, plugs into the USB port of the computer you are using with the My Trezor web wallet.

  1. Core wallets. Hosting wallets on single-board computers, and needing to access them remotely, largely means forgoing access to the wallet’s UI entirely. Not many of the fancy wallets with all the cool features support headless operation, so I’m usually stuck with core.


Has anyone used Greenaddress.it?


Nope but you just made me sign up to check it out :wink:


Or better, I am signing up but already getting this message before ever having done anything…



This is what i use for the last month… I got to say that I like it a lot so far…



Chiming in for the hell of it - Big fan of Bither: https://bither.net/ and I don’t seem many people bring it up - open source, install cold wallet on old phone, sign transactions and spend with connected phone. All types of crazy features.


very nice!


this one looks good, I will give it a try!