When is this forum closing... Testicles and the china


The stupidest statement of 2016


If that is what you think, up to you. You have no idea why I left the team OVER one year ago. Winner uh? You have no clue and it’s sad to see what happened cause this (or a similar) event was predicted a good year ago and I really don’t care if Reilly feels the urge to trash talk me now on this forum more than a year later. I have and had nothing to do with GH since Nov 2015 and, unlike others, I’ll stick to our agreement of just shutting up.

As for your own projects Bubba, should I remind you of lost funds from your assets build around ponzi sites? ALL of them failed and they failed badly. So before you go out trash talking GH, look in the mirror and stop blowing your own money on “get rich quick” schemes.


I pulled out on GHX before you did, my guts ( and numbers ) was telling me to.
What it was the DC deal ? Or the overpriced S7 mining run ?
Was really bad compared to the S5 era.

Clearly it work, nothing came out of the DC debacle / dispute with GHX.
Thanks for transparency and such… I’m still confuse for who’s to blame.


Yea the GHX had the marking of things not working out I truly believe it would have ALL died sooner but us ETH SUCKERS footed the bill to help it limp along. The ETH miners had the entire cost of hosting already built into the price until 2017 “or at least it was for me” So in a sense GHX screwed us out of our investment which would have still been profitable if the bills were paid and screwy 5hit would not have happened with all these back room DC agreements. So my last words to ALL that fucke d my investments is
Have a VERY Merry Christmas! And remember karma will follow you until you DIE!


There was no more deals being offered by Bitmain like there were with the S5’s. In order to receive a discount that would have made it worth it we would have needed over 100 units purchased, we didn’t have the funding for this. The original S5 pricing included pricing to Purchase and host the hardware with Bitmain,however we also received a very decent discount where the pricing was not much over the pricing of buying an S5 on the open market. The S7 pricing only was for hardware PSU’s and Shipping to get to the DC so they could be installed, no prepaying any hosting contract requirements. Without a discount many of these added charges caused the S7 batch pricing to be out of range for members as yourself.

No one on the team made out with anything. I lost over $20k in hardware and other members over $60k. The DC made deals with investors we were unaware of, the investors called in their loans, the DC couldn’t pay, and was told ‘you or them’ and they came after us and shut us down and change the locks the same day. I couldn’t even get into the DC anymore after this.

Many of us got screwed by GAW for ‘cloud mining’ which was truely a ponzi, and now we got screwed with real hardware for having a DC breach a contract back in Jan/Feb agree to moving month to month, then referencing said contract to close out any business with us and take the hardware and run.

Every attorney we spoke with quoted us 150k - 300k for the amount it would cost to fight it.


the sad thing is that you left so many of the small ETH contract takers in the dark for so long. For me, this is when I lost my trust in GH, because you went against your principles of transparency. oh well. all in the past now.


That part we didn’t know, just the locked out DC for whatever reason.

Just the sad reality of mining at that time.
I payed 8 BTC + Duty :joy: for my S7 Batch 1.
I barely made my money back, just because I had some ROIed S5 running when it was still profitable.
I had hard time paying back my own hardware, ( with cheaper fee ) It’s why going to cloud was not a option for me.
Numbers didn’t looked good.

I can be blame for not supported the project by investing more.
I get out pretty quickly, just before Bitmain DC move. and get ROI.
Last year was a b!tch for mining. The S9 era is a complete different game doh.

Many lessons learned.


This was what i would have hoped would have led to us being able to bring more hardware in and keep chugging forward. But there wasn’t interest, and then we had the debacle with everything shutting down.

I have people interested in starting their own DC and moving everything through a fully owned facility with no hidden investment group. But it’s an idea that I’m still unsure i even want to bite on. This whole thing has taken me a long while to accept and attempt to move forward from.


I think that one question we all have is what will happen with the tools and forum that have been created. Will the forum just shut down one day? How much money is needed to keep it going? Even though we don’t have much interaction anymore, it’s still a good place for those of us who are even minimally involved in bitcoin to congregate.


I think the last figure was around $130 or less per month. Which was something a lot of us mentioned we could help support.

I think a lot of the miscommunication happened because this event was mostly talked about in the slack chat first.

A lot of us interact mainly now on the slack chat as its faster and you get a better feel or intent from someone after you interact with them for a bit. If you enjoy more of the static threads then by all means keep visiting here. I highly suggest those who want to sync up with the GHteam and the rest of us to join the slack chat (we miss ya :wink: )


There is no plans to close the forums, at least not at this moment in time.

There will be an acceptance of donations to keep the systems going and to ensure that the software, etc is kept upto date.

The donation address is 13UpWzRdDNorFhncqguGwWemPiKvEk3g2d for those that are remotely interested - the funds in this address will be added to the account for GetHashing.


Transaction ID: 767126c5e0c1d9afd0c09b730254f7758d76c567b140ca8e882b5f07189ee179


Thanks @InsaneMiner I have added this to the hosting funds … much appreciated


Learned a lot from this forum and members. Colored coins with marketplace is still unique.

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Every little bit helps.

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Thank you - I have added that to their account.


Well it’s seems like I missed a lot. Wtf is going on here? It’s been a while



Just an update, there is six months worth of hosting left for the entire network, well, just under, 5.927 Months.




@AnimoEsto how much is needed for another 6 months?


@Daffy it comes to 794.40EUR for Six months:)