When is this forum closing... Testicles and the china


How much HD and RAM is needed to keep the forum (and only the forum) running?


@johannez keeping only the forum running wouldnt be a realistic option, I have no way of knowing how many live accounts there are on the Wallet server, whilst we could cut down on some servers which arent needed, there isnt really a “steering” group or management at the moment


I have some servers and would be interested in hosting the forum for advertising possibilities. Depends on the traffic and and amount of HD place used.


@johannez I wouldnt be comfortable with anyone else hosting the forum (basically I have no clue who you are), and the security of the forum and its entire network has been something that I have taken personal care of over the past few years (along with the rest of the network). The answer would be no in this instance.

If we were to look at closing down some parts of the network, and migrating some bits to other servers I have, then the cost could come down to 444.36EUR for an additional six months.

I have thought about placing adverts on the forums, but I tend to get pissed off with Adverts on forums so I dont bother, and to be honest - who really clicks on them? Though, that being said, if needs must then I would do it.


OK!! got it.


I started this conversation as a bit of satire, it does seem most good things will finally end within the crypto world, and lets face it this forum has very little usage since GHX went down. I do admire the people whom dedicated their time and some their money to try and fix some previous issues.

This forum became so due to an asset that could not last due to the pace of the technology behind BTC, it is funny though had Bitmain introduced S7 and S9 quicker then this site and the asset backing it would be thriving. It seems that the S5 that backed this project was a dud machine and only bought out as a stop gap.

Who knows if S7 or S9 was the hashing power backing this we could all be back to the days when you needed to log in on a regular basis to keep up.

I want to thank the team whom kept this site going for so long, I would also ask that any personal data be deleted prior to any shut down. Most here got burnt by the Garza rip off and hence tried something new, so thanks to all whom put their time, money and effort into trying this.

I will ask one thing though when I hit the gethashing store it show’s you can still buy certain machines, now if the data centre got stolen as suggested why are items still showing for sale, is this just a glitch?



I dont think you can actually buy anything - that part of the system wont really work anymore.

When (if) the forum closes, I will delete the data personally, that goes without saying.

Personally I would like to see someone take off the GetHashing ethos again, but there doesnt seem to be enough “steam” for it - which is a pity.

That being said, if I do get any donations, I will keep the site on for as long as possible, I am looking to potentially either place some discrete adverts to get some ways to keep the site going, or something else (no idea what yet).


Some kind person has donated just under two months hosting :slight_smile:


Hi, could we get a final close down date if there is one, as I am sure a lot of the community would like to say one last comment. We can’t be that far away as this forum only has 2 comments per week. Just in case we shut down before I get a chance to say goodbye I will say it now. Goodbye my fellow GH friends @Daffy, @deeneendo, @Aethercollector, @AnimoEsto @cyberdexter @tankjnr, @thecrazyminer @Paulio @PexPeppers, @sburn @Daffy @Dave_Wills @sburn @InsaneMiner and many more I am sure I missed


Why always so keen to see the forum shut?

I know it doesn’t get much use now, but isn’t this a bit like walking out of a crap party then popping your head in the front door every ten minutes saying “isn’t the party finished yet, come on it’s rubbish”.

personally, I’d just got to the pub and leave everyone else to it :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually I was asking as a few of the old hands might want to say hello and goodbye prior to this closing, as everyone whom visits can see this is a ghost town and I am sure will eventually need to close as people will not pay donations for a site that has no traffic or very little relevance.

However @BoB I will say good bye to you for now, unless the site is still open in 2 weeks


Hi Bubba,

I have looked at the invoices and the site has enough funds to run for a further five months, sorry if this disappoints you, but thats where we are at the moment.

The site isnt going anywhere until at least 7th November 2017, before that I may add some adverts to the site to ensure that there is some revenue generated and that the site can continue.