Who destroyed their GHX?


Sorry the upload is small, but I logged into the GHcloud today to see someone destroyed 2 GHX…
That calls for a public flogging along the lines of what the Kebab vendor gave to @jporter :smile:

[PoE] Re-issued GHX Assets

more payout for the rest of us??? :smile:


49998 oh boy that is annoying in it’s own right.



arrrgh. Even worse than this…



I’ve never seen this one before!! I’m doing this next time we have pizza!!


@ThePeddler nice catch.

Whoever destroyed their GHX, feel free to PM me with the tx link of the destruction and we’ll re-issue those GHX. In case they go unclaimed GH will issue 2 GHX and keep them.


That may have been gonzo mad about being banhammered.


2 GHX have been issued: