Why did this occur?


Somebody decided to, what I consider to be harass me about something I had nothing to do with over on HT. As most of you know I am even keeled, and believe the detractors of XPY/Gaw have a right to their opinion. I will not ever badmouth anyone for their thoughts, until I get singled out for something I had no part of, all I ask is that you respect my opinion as much as I respect your right to the same.


umm, what?


I will respect all opinions…they are people’s rights to have. We all have to choice to support our views, but there is no need for harassment or threats from anyone.

Opinion respected. Good luck with your crypto investment!

I would like to believe that any harassment didn’t come from here.


someone on HT was discussing stamping dollar bills with a rubber stamp supporting paycoin. I woke up to a PM basically reaming my ass about the legality of it.

It was something I had no part of, and I dont really like being targeted for something I am not involved in.


I’m not sure why you came here about something that occurred on HT. We’re not the anti-community, that’s over on btctalk.

We’re just the survivors who are re-building civilization from the ashes :laughing:


This person said they were from another forum, not sure which one. I just came over here to ask politely IF this person is from GH to please keep me out of things I am not involved in. Thank you folks for your civility towards me.


That was being discussed over on Bitcointalk - you’re complaining in the wrong forum.


Then please accept my apology


No problem - nice of you to drop in. There are many things to discuss here outside of GAW and Paycoin subjects.


Sure, feel free to look around, there may even be a beer in the fridge if Daffy hasn’t gotten to them yet.

If you do support XPY, I’d stay out of the GAW threads. A lot of people got burned, it’s only natural that emotions are raw.

But, there’s tons of cool stuff here, especially if you enjoy real physical/cloud/crowd mining :smile:


I will pop in from time to time, and I do miss some of the fun discussions that we used to have


we got burgers, man!


And an entire thread dedicated to off topic comments! What more could you ask for…ha!


Welcome to our little community.



Sorry to hear that you got accused of something wrongly. It’s part of the Dramaland you live in. Btw stamping a US note with “something” is perfectly legal. People do it all the time.

Anyway, stick around, check out the forum… steer clear of the drama discussions about the company without a name.


I seriously doubt anyone here would do something like that. Most of us do not even go to HT, let alone single out anyone over there with specific intent to accost. There are a few exceptions of the membership there who we openly malign, but it is here, not there.


:smile: I second that

We only hate scam and con-artist :wink:


Lawsuits attack lol…Don’t worry there is only only Lawsuits and Priests now on Hashtalk.

Take a break and discuss Crypto here with gethashing folks :stuck_out_tongue: