Why did you un-delete my post?


I find it interesting that I deleted that post, which we know this forum doesn’t delete them it only hides them. So, did someone restore that post without my permission?

GHcoin Payouts & Discussion Thread - Old Thread

Hmm probably it was restore because @keymaster did a reply to it. I guess the system handle it that way.


Indeed. We’re here to answer questions and concerns of our members and a low payout is obviously a concern worth answering. April not having been the greatest month is no secret.


Should I claim POP on this one? Just kidding. It will get better the farm is stabilizing and the people that manage the pool switches are working hard to find the optimal distribution of hashrate.


I was recently doing some book keeping and found on many days, payouts from GH were better than hashnest the past few weeks.

That said, the average was always higher with hashnest though as when antpool takes off there is a bit of a delay moving the rigs.

From a hardware standpoint, I have always been able to sell GHX for more than what was paid (which can’t be said for hashnest power :smile:)


asset address please @Daffy?


To me that would work if they replied just before I had removed it. However in this case there is a 15 1/2 hour difference because I elected to remove it moments after I had it posted.


here you go akUK8JgA3STu5UEimgkDVKbAGWHhYV71Q1U


Are we talking about the same post here?


The one from 16 hours ago that talked about low payouts since batch 2.


@leo you had a concern you posted it and @keymaster chose to answer your deleted post to clarify things. What is the problem here?


@Leo what you saying… you were un-shadowed-ban-aided by someone. :smile:


The problem is that I chose to delete/hide my post and it was made public again without my permission. That is my problem. I know that the mods can see our edited or deleted/hidden posts, but I believe that it can be considered an abuse of power to make something deleted/hidden again public. If I chose to delete/hide a post then that is my choice and it could be considered an abuse to undo that choice that I made.

That is my problem.

Much like the issue of you moving my post to a new thread entitled “My First PC” when it was relevant and on topic to the Homero thread because it was making fun of the setups that he uses to run his crap. If I had wanted to create a new thread about My First PC, I would have done it. Maybe you should go back and read what it said @Daffy


@cyberdexter please jump in any time you feel like it and answer this will you.

It was not relevant at all it was off topic. and the resulting conversation was off topic too. By the way 90% of what is said in that topic is offtopic it would take me days to sort out through there.


Because he undeleted the post I don’t want to speak for him and his reasons.

What? Are you crazy or what? So wait let me get this correctly. You compare me with someone like that because I MOVED A POST?


I’m entitled to my opinion and this is my opinion on the matter. Why not move that post and create a new thread out of it?


Well I should because this is so far offtopic that it is’nt even funny. I’m done with this think and act how you want. I really don’t care.


It wasn’t meant to be funny.


Accidental undelete and it is resolved with this sort of response?

It’s completely counter to your complaint of us not being transparent over a silly offer for a Prime Controller.

It happens. It’s the internet, nothing gets deleted.


ROFL, you’re cute @leo.

Disrespecting members/team members is still against forum policies. Just a friendly reminder.