Why is the question field blank when I try to send coins?


I can’t remember the question so how am I going to answer it if the field is blank on GetHashing Cloud?


Did you backup your key?


It needs the question and answer to get key.


The additional security options are part of the original gateway and by it’s default you have to enter all security parameters. Did you just create the account? If you did simply reset it which will clear your local data, create a new one and note down the details. in general a password and pin will be enough to secure your wallet since it is stored in localdata and not on the server.


I’ll try thanks.


Welcome @illvisions! I wish ya the best on the new account :slight_smile:


Glad to help.

Think of GHcloud as a local wallet with the UI being your Hub to the wallet interface and the GH services. Thus please backup your wallet and your private key(s) once you’ve created your account.

I have a txt file that contains the info used to create the account, the password and pin for each address and the private key(s) for each address and the wallet SALT / wallet export file. If you got those you’re all set and you’ve secured your wallet.

If you need any help, let us know. I’ll be happy to run you through the setup process.