Why we will NEVER Shadowban



I had the time today between doing breakfast and going out for my usual Sunday afternoon walk to The Swan (local pub), so I thought I would look around the database and see what I could toy with.

Taking a copy of it and implementing it on another system, I was able to effectively Shadowban users, however, because it can be done, doesnt mean that it should be done.

GetHashing wont be doing it, and whilst I still have the code, it wont be merged into our own systems.

The reason for this is because it creates not only a confusion in threads where a person has been shadowbanned (their posts are removed, but they are still referenced in other posts, etc), but it also shows extremely weak leadership for those that have to censor people who have effective and constructive dialog and input to the conversation. It also shows a leader not willing to listen to anyone and someone who is immature in their dealings with criticism.

What we will do - we will remove any (Edit - thanks @tankjnr) ■■■■ or anything that contravenes our guidelines without removing the user unless we really have to. We want people to ask questions, we want to answer them, sometimes we wont be able to answer them as effectively as people want, but go ahead and ask questions - you wont be censured for doing so.

To those in the community that are shadowbanning, dont you think its time to stopped what one of you described as a “toy to silence the fudders”, and grow up and actually listen to both sides of the story?

GetHashing will answer open and honestly, to the best of our abilities, everything that is asked of us (except the questions about Andys waist size), and if there is something we cannot tell you, for example for reasons of commercial confidentiality, we will tell you up front, but we will get you as much information as we can around it so that your not completely in the dark - but you wont be banned for asking those questions.

We highly value the people that have placed their trust in us to join our Crowd Mining opportunity and wont treat you like a second class citizen or someone without a voice if you want to ask a question.

Thats why we wont Shadowban.



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I think it’s time for everyone to let go of this HT stuff. I’m sick of the comparisons. Shadow bans only exist on HT and no other forum so I don’t even see what the point of elaborating on it is.


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