Win Bitcoin with Bing


Bing is giving away $500 in Bitcoin. Very interesting.


well, looks like i’ll dig out my microsoft account and start using bing again


Just maxed out my daily point gathering on there. LOL. Got one entry and working my way towards more. Neat that Bing is doing that. They are smart really! They have been trying to wrest search engine traffic from Google and to be future forward like this could help their cause a little. I pretty much use them a lot now that Google has pissed in my Cheerios. Google used to be all about small business. Now it just seems as their algorithms are helping the big boys the most.



@TheBeardedMann @lothendriel @DementedMining
psst… Try using this works GREAT to score those maximum daily Bing points quickly.




I got that too. I had to chuckle.


I’ve been collecting Bing Rewards forever. I do it just about everyday. I cash them out every year for Xbox Credits and buy COD in November. Been doing it for a couple years now.


Yeah just wanted to see what it was all about. Not going to use that search engine EVER. It really sucks at finding stuff i need.


I’m guessing you are more of a DuckDuckGo kinda guy then.


Nah just plain Goggle