Would a market place be OK in this forum?


I know that this is a relatively new forum, so I would like to know if we are allowed to have a section for sales of hardware miners here or is this something that would not be conducive to the community here overall?

Introduce Yourself!
Introduce Yourself!

I’d love to at least know if anyone here was looking for some hardware.


I ask because I have some to sell so I can upgrade so I am in both the buy and sell market


I think that would be a great idea since i am looking to buy some hardware sometime in a medium future (When i get a bit more BTC)

Just my 2 cent


I think that would be cool, but I would like to see it only for hardware miners…keep the cloud catastrophes out of it, they seem to be giving crypto a bad name. But I am all for hardware miners. That is how I started in crypto and then moved to cloud mining as it was “easier”… kind of a mistake on my part. Looking to get back into hardware mining. That is why I liked this forum…it is about the coins and crypto, not about he services…


Of course we can have a marketplace, great idea!

We want GH to be a community driven platform and forum and thus it’s up to everyone to decide what we want on this forum and what we don’t want on this forum. For the marketplace this means what kind of sales or trades will be allowed and and what kind of listings should be prohibited?

I guess licence keys, p0rn, copied software and co are a no-brainer. What about affiliate and referral stuff, BTCjam listings, BTC or Altcoin sales and so on? Affiliates crossed my mind last night and I’ve been thinking about a separate category “just” for affiliate promotions that would be self-moderated and (wherever possible) left alone.

Also, should we establish some sort of escrow system or reputation system for Escrow Agents?

Let’s talk :slight_smile:

About the The Marketplace
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I’m pretty much against ANY referral links, since it usually ends up in bs mongering

Other things that are pretty dodgy is Gift cards, www. resales

I think coin transactions should be good? Perhaps acc as well as long as its not against T&C of said company.

Escrow sounds good


I am all in for the escrow system… The groing pain of crypto is to loose a substential amount of BTC to a scammer, I`ve done it by my own stupidity (I lost 500$ trying to buy some computer piece with BTC to a particular…).

Im not for referals neither… A banner system that we could use on our website and stuff is fine, but when reward is offered, It get more annoying because a lot of people try to abuse it for the reward and not for the good of the site…


[quote=“Viturrex, post:7, topic:116”]
Other things that are pretty dodgy is Gift cards, www. resales[/quote]

Good points. Domain squatting for re-sale is dodgy anyway. :ok_hand:

I like trading some BTC with others from time to time specially fellow Europeans since our options are rather limited but we do have access to charge-back secure eWallet services such as Skrill and Neteller which are by far better than using Paypal. Combined with a reputable escrow it’s almost impossible to get scammed on those P2P trades.

Only issue I see here (for a new community) who qualifies as being a reputable and trustworthy escrow agent? I know @taylan signed up and since he’s been an escrow over at HT for a long time, he got my vote. @AnimoEsto used to escrow but he’s part of the GetHashing team so I can see some FUD being spread away from this board rather quickly.

BitHalo’s smart contracts and two-party escrow stored on the blockchain could be something worth checking out. Utilizing smart contracts and joint multi-sig accounts does however require for each party to deposit their security until their P2P trade is complete. The advantage is that it eliminates 1 factor from the risk chain which is the human escrow agent.

As for affiliate links and referrals, I always disliked them and I think that threads promoting services like cryptodouble shouldn’t be allowed either unless the thread is an actual warning thread and not a “It’s a ponzi but you can still get in now on the bottom and make a quick buck”.

If a service or provider is obviously a ponzi or scam then people should not be enticed to invest into it. They can pick up those suggestions on other forums imho and then also cry about their loss on the same forum.


Ive traded with escrow on crypothrift, That could always be an option. The seller post his stuff there and link his page to his posting here, and whoever want to buy the product just go there and is safe for both party… It would not be worst than posting an item and list your ebay link to it…


I think we should have a separate thread just for affiliate links and things of those nature. Also I am all for an escrow reputation system! In the future I would look to offer escrow service myself.


@cyberdexter using the bit Halo service, how does that protect someone who ships hardware? What would stop someone from making the contract receiving the goods then not following through with the multi sig part paying the seller?


I can agree with keeping cloud services out of the market place, but in general I like to see notices and reviews of new cloud services. I prefer cloud mining to hardware mining, and it’s always nice to see when new services come online, and others’ experiences with them.


I agree with that. I too would like to see reviews and user experiences with various cloud mining services, always nice to know what is out there. I just like to keep the cloud services out of the market place. I have visited many other forums that had cloud services in the market place and the whole forum just turned into a cloud service trading site. I like that this forum is about the cryptos.


@mharter I don’t have the Capitol to invest in the newest minders out, however as I grow my little farm I can give reviews in the hardware mining thread on legacy equipment (which is what I own right now) and provide reviews for any new miners I purchase. As time goes on and I can afford newer HW I would provide feedback as well for them. Does this sound like a good idea to everyone or should I not do it? Please everyone chime in and let me know


Works for me! I am actually in the market to get back into some hardware mining…your reviews would be very helpful.


I will start on one for this weekend hopefully by Friday. I am not a professional but if I have the miners I figured I could share my experience with the community.


I hate using a 3rd party website for the escrow and in that case rather use someone known. But yes, got alternative.

The double-deposit placed in escrow. If the person who receives the hardware does not release the funds (once he found the hardware is working) he’ll use his half of the deposit.

The way a two-party double-deposit escrow with a smart contract works is like this.

You are buying an old miner from me for 1 BTC. I create the smart contract and the first key of a joint multi-sig account in Halo and send you the contract including the public-key of the wallet created. You then create the 2nd private-key on your end, add my public key and send me your public key which I import to link up our joint account.

We now have a joint account and a pending smart contract. I then deposit my own security of 1 BTC to the address and you’d have to deposit 2 BTC (buying price and security) to the same address and the smart contract is updated and locks in the funds. Now you can’t access them and I can’t because we’re on a joint multi-sig account with a timelock defined in the smart contract.

I then ship you the miner and send you the shipping details and the contract is updated as shipped. For the escrow this means that 1 BTC of your 2 BTC is now moved to my end of the agreement and you’re still tied into it for your 1 BTC security.

You then receive the miner, test it and if you find it working you’ll update the contract stating that the deal is complete. I will counter-sign and your 1 BTC security is released to you while I’ll receive my security back and your 1 BTC at the same time. Contract complete.

Now, let’s assumed the miner is broken, does not work etc.

If I was to not solve the problem with you then there is no way I as the seller would get my security back let alone your 1 BTC for the purchase. It makes trying to scam you irrational because at that point I’m 2 BTC into it and you’re 1. It’s only in my interest to resolve the problem with you so that I can get my funds or reverse the sale to get my deposit back.

For you on the other hand there is no reason to bullshit me about the miner working or not. Since the funds are tied up I would have to offer you to ship it back and if you don’t then you end up still having 1 BTC tied up in escrow that you can’t get too.

See where I’m getting at? The way a double-deposit escrow with a joint account works leaves very little room to be exploited or in fact none because each party will simply lose their funds and scammers don’t want that.

Obviously a P2P transaction between to people exchanging BTC for Fiat is less complicated than physical goods. If I sell some BTC for Skrill for example then it’s a very simple procedure since receiving the Skrill payment only takes a few minutes and those can’t be reversed. In that case it really just takes a quick smart contract setup, double deposit by the buyer and I hedge with a small amount as security, he sends me the Skrill and I counter-sign the contract to release the funds. If I don’t, I’ll lose my own security which equals the amount the buyer send me via Skrill. So I’d come out with 0 which makes no sense :wink:

I agree three.

Nothing wrong with discussions of cloud mining services and payouts and everything that comes with it but the sale of the accounts or shares or contracts shouldn’t be allowed. During my time as Moderator on HT I’ve seen so many people getting scammed and approached via chat that it was sick. In the first weeks or even month of the new HT on nodebb so many folks got scammed. It was sickening.


There could be a reputation section with individuals starting their own thread. When a deal goes well, the user can leave a review in the other party’s rep thread. Same when someone offers themselves as escrow, rep thread updated by the 2 users involved with the trade.


We’ll put the marketplace up by tomorrow. Thanks for all the suggestions!