Would not be cool for GHFarm to have this source of Power?


High-altitude wind power technology!
This is one of the most advanced ways to get almost free power anywhere on Earth.
Independent of day or night 24\7 power!
No water needed near.

This Power - technology is good for remote communities and production facilities.

What If GHFarm would get this source of endless power supply?




I love wind and solar, one day I hope to have a setup up that gets me completely off the grid even if it costs more. but unless you are getting massive Government subsidies the costs do not make business sense.


It’s a shame it uses helium, it’s getting pretty expensive and it in short supply these days. :flushed:



Perhaps we should build a DC on top of the Mount Everest. No headaches with cooling and we’d definitely have enough wind up there. :slight_smile:


Yes, and it is pretty big in size… what about the othe one its much smaller and the 1Mwatt of power is 2x times enough to run 500THs of Ants S5 and S7??
What if we could crowdfund this… issue an asset and get ourselves a much cheaper power for our GHX?


We’re already working on reducing the fees with then introduction of batch 3. There is 2 fee reductions planned until the end of 2015.


This is great!
But every Large scale mining farm (I consider GHFarm as large scale mining) must, search for alternative source of power to be competitive in the Years to come.
I liked the second one - KiteNRG… It is rather small and does not need any helium of fuel… It produces
power of cost as low as 50 EUR per MEGA Watt …1000KWatts man :smile:
I understand that switch from S5 to S7 is great move, but what if energy goes higher in price or BTC goes lower? Then GHFarm would be prepared… Also its a great promotion… BTC mining farm + green source of Power. We can issue a colored coin to Crowdfund the project?! I think its cool


Some questions.

First, where are you allowed to use them? They are 1km up in the sky: that’s quite high. You can’t use them near airports… Though most dc’s are near airports…

Is there a pilot site?

How do they calculate the 50 EUR?


I think all this can be defined here http://www.kitenergy.net
As I am not representing them… but they welcome all for contact!
Just find this kind of solution much cheaper then Solar power, because you will have to store alot of energy at night time. Regular wind power plants are very dependent on winds blowing or not… High altitude winds always blow High :wink:
Micro-hydro-plants must be near running water and also I am sure it is not that Green and good for all creatures who live in this waters.
Here is cool video about KiteNRG… https://vimeo.com/69735181
And it shows it is 800m, but this is ok for planes and all… not high enough! And it is auto-piloted (Automatically controlled wing)
But also this prototype in the video is just 60Kwatts, but thats an early prototype…


It’s an interesting technology, though the way it looks doesn’t inspire the confidence it needs… I can see them having a lot of challenges. However, at the same time I can see many opportunities :slight_smile: The mobile aspect e.g. might be useful at greenfield locations and in remote locations. Sadly, I can’t see it work in urban locations (regulators will never allow it), otherwise it would have fit perfectly to one of my projects…
Regardless, perhaps I’ll visit Torino again soon, and then I might just as well visit them too :smile:


The biggest problem with this is transport of the generated power. An alternative would be solar panels in the sahara desert but you will have the same problem with transport. It’s really a pitty because there are so many places these tech could work great and have a very good output with minimum effort.


Well it could replace mobile diesel generators.


Height wont matter on the Mount Everest. The concept is certainly an interesting one.

The problem is that we could make much broader and better use of alternate and renewable energy sources. It’s just not profitable enough for the energy corporations and imagine if we would NOT use up our natural resources first. Unthinkable…


Well the city of Boom near antwerp has about 5 wind turbines installed and it supplies about 50% of the power that is needed. Granted it’s a very small city but it’s a good example of what can be done.


Not many datacenters there… Which makes sense. Perhaps from a cooling perspective it would be an interesting location, but there are no businesses, there’s no connectivity and most gains from cheap cold are countered by the need for humidification.

Though indeed anything else there could benefit from such solutions. If the reliability and the price is as advertised…

You’d expect a city with a name like that to cherish their combustibles :wink:


Yeah it translates to Tree.


There might be even temple of Boom in the city of Boom too :slight_smile:


Nope no temple.


Now that we found water on Mars it’s time to consider building a hydro-water-power plant up there :slight_smile:


Running nodes on mars would be pretty big step for the network decentralisation :slight_smile: