WTB - 63.1 GHX on the GHxchange - please sign


Excuse me for the intrusion.

Could who is selling 63.1 GHX on GHxchange please confirm the sell in order to complete the transaction.


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Forked this for you from the payout thread :wink:


My apologies. :pensive:


No worries, hope the seller countersigns soon. :smile:


Me too. :grinning:


Did the seller sign yet or is it still pending?


Still pending.



Hey… did you get that transaction signed or you given up ? wondering cause I see another 63.1 ghx on the exchange which looks tempting.


Thanks. I don’t understand but I loss the order after signed. I don’t see the new order.

Thanks again.

Edited: Just put the purchase order to be sure. Thanks again :wink:


Ok, I was wondering about purchasing it… but I think it’s fair that since you started this transaction you be the one completing it… I will cancel the offer I have for it and it will got back to market… if you are quick and looking for it… you should see it back on the market.

Issue still exist that the Seller hasn’t signed it … hoping that you get it signed.


Thank you very much.

Buy it please. Patience is a virtue and those who wait wins. :wink:


Seller might have cancelled previously due to a change in BTC rate or for whatever reason. I believe it’s okay to assume that you can cancel and start hunting for a new listing. :wink:


Yes. Thanks as always. :wink:


Patience is a virtue …



Thanks to all. :wink:

Please admin close when you can.