WTB - 7 1/2' Mets Field Cap


Looking for a 7 1/2’ Mets Field Cap and need it shipped to the EU.

If anyone happens to know where to buy one or even happens to be from NY I would much appreciate such a cap. I’ll pay for the purchase and the shipping and a little extra for the effort. Escrow needed to hold the full amount unless I know you :slight_smile:


Which one do you want?


I’ll buy it and ship it, payment in GHX


This one please in 7 1/2


I’ll buy it and ship it, payment in GHX

Works for me. Don’t think we’ll need an escrow then unless you want one.




nope pretty sure I can trust you


Wasn’t sure if I wanted the orange one but the one above works. And yeah on escrow, don’t think it’s needed but don’t you spend it all at once on a new flat in Dubai (rofl). I’ll PM you the address so we can work out the total.




So you are a Mets fan? welcome :smile: we have been suffering for like 30 years. Hopefully this year is “our” year


Uhmm how should I put this…

Not directly, more indirectly. @iROBUSTO is a Mets fan, the cap is for him and yeah, he’s very excited this season :slight_smile: