[WTB] Colored Coins/Open assets any/all everything


For those that may not be aware @lothendriel and I launched a colored coin market place about a month ago.

We will be dedicating a certain amount of BTC to purchasing assets from the community, whether you need to cash out to pay bills, or just want to take a small profit on the assets your holding, we will be here to purchase assets as the funds allow.

We have 0.10 BTC to buy any and all assets. We are looking for both revenue and non revenue generating assets.
Please either post here what your looking to sell and the price, or alternatively you can PM me. I will update this OP as the amount of BTC we have changes.

We will be verifying the legitimacy of all assets. In other words, please do not waste your time creating an asset just to sell it to us. If you have an idea for a fun collectors type asset, please contact us and we can discuss it.


Non revenue generating just for fun.

And this one is a tracking asset used on ghcloud to track any non asset investments.


here some for sale Sale Crypto Giver Token


We are looking to add some of the “FUN” coins to the store.
If you could give us a meaningful price break on them I would consider it.



We would be interested in some bulk coffee as well. Whats the wholesale price? :smile:


Just send me your asset address :slight_smile: