WTB Ltcg accounts


small - med accounts. preferably low fees. thanks


Price-range per 10k?


Woah this post is way too specific, please tone it back some!

Seriously tho, define small-med, low fees. That is all relative. Your terms might be way different than mine.


Yeah, ok i’ll just rephrase it completely then:
I’m looking to buy ltcgear accounts, pm me if you are willing to sell. Don’t pm me if your account is over 100,000 shares. I am especially interested in accounts with fees around 4BTC/10,000 shares. I would prefer to make an evaluation on a case by case basis. P.s thanks for the pms from the people who did get the jist of original post :wink:


So like a qASICs 9711 acc with a 8.39 BTC balance would get me how much?


Selling this one for 4 BTC, 5 BTC buy it now. Fees paid:


You have a high fee (~8.5BTC/10000 shares), I wouldn’t pay more than 0.2BTC for your account.


After the fees were slashed again recently I’m pretty cautious to be honest. How many payouts have you received so far?


Ah yea that is not enough to buy some drink to forget this whole mess lol. Thanks for the offer tho :thumbsup:


Account has 10+ payouts.

Bidding starts at 3.

Edit; SOLD


Maybe interrested in this one? >>>>>> 0.5729 BTC Fee



50278 qASIC’s with approx. 9.6 BTC fee


how much for this account/
edit: sold


I’m interested in selling this account.

Let me know if you’re Interested. thanks.


0.5-0.6 I think


1-1.2 I think


Welp it looks like my fee updated to a more appropriate amount if you are interested let me know by pm, chat in slack, or just think really hard and we can use telepathy. Just kidding, I don’t check slack that often. https://i.gyazo.com/b3b9eedaa6357d4cf9cfd59b2c90f3d0.png


I dont know, if this still qualifies for “medium” account, but here it is. Owed about 1500+ BTC, funny…
PM only, thank you.

All share transfers were done from / to my other accounts. Everything legit, still have the receipts for purchase.
mostly bought “custom” packs for better price a redistributed it through my 3 accounts.


And this one, last 3rd I will keep.


I’m curious why people are selling when they already paid the fee? And apparently are receiving payouts…